What is the Zombie Revolution?

For 11 months of the year,zombies are forced to live in appalling conditions. Halloween is their only taste of freedom and we think it's time to stamp out this prejudice. The zombie revolution is all about bringing together the walkers and the friends of the dead who hold the same fundamental belief; that zombies deserve basic rights!

What are the rights we are fighting for?

The right to walk freely amongst us without fear of discrimination The right to live a fruitful life of death The right to family life and marriage The right to justice. The term 'innocent until proven guilty' should be applicable to all, alive or dead Freedom of speech (or groan) Freedom to vote and partake in our country's democratic rights

Join the uprising today and show your support.

We ask you to show your solidarity by doing the following:

Celebrate your zombie friends by sharing zombie photos, adding #zombierevolution | Sign our petition (coming soon) to show your support. | 100,000 signatures gets our voices heard by the Houses of Parliament! | Order a starter pack when you join | Make zombies feel welcome by ordering your own zombie costume today and receive a 10% discount

By joining the revolution you will receive information about future protests and rallies around the UK


Get Ready for Halloween