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World Book Day Costumes For Kids
Celebrating  20  Years

Of World Bookday
Thursday 2nd of March

It's not just for the Kids!

World Book Day on March 3rd is a fantastic day, created to promote books and reading. A great way to do this is with fancy dress; we can all dress as our favourite character from a book! The possibilities for this are almost endless; there are literally millions of books in the world, and millions more characters to dress as.

Who will you dress as? Harry Potter is always a favourite, but how about Snape or Hagrid, to be a little different? You could dress as a Mister Man or one of the Little Miss characters; the Gruffalo, the Cat in the Hat, Elmer the Elephant... if you're a little older, what about Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games or Jon Snow from Game of Thrones? You could be really clever, and go as Death, the narrator of The Book Thief or the tiger from Life of Pi.

This is such a fantastic day because the possibilities are endless. There are so many different characters in books, the only limit is your imagination. Also, don't forget to checkout our bookday costume ideas for mum and dad.

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Books Come Alive

Fancy dress is a brilliant way to capture children's imaginations and get them engaged. The organisers of World Book Day know this, and that's why fancy dress has become such a large part of the day.

There are so many characters from books to dress up as, from the Cat in the Hat to Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland or even Fantastic Mr Fox. You could even think outside the box a little and go as Thing 1 (or Thing 2) from the Cat in the Hat, or perhaps Hagrid or Dumbledoor. What about the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, or even Tweedledum or Tweedledee?

With millions of books and characters to choose from the possibilities are endless, with the only limit your imagination. If you're a little spoilt for choice though don't panic - we have a handy guide here to get you started in thinking about your favourite characters. And don't forget: mums, dads and teachers can dress up too!

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