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Captain America Costume

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Want to be the United States of America’s go to guy? be The First Avenger, be...Captain America™!  Though you don’t need to have any injections of experimental serum to enhance you to the peak of physical perfection to be America’s hero...oh no, with our range of Captain America costumes and shields you’ll be an instant real American hero!

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Captain America is a fictional character that appears in marvel comics, appearing first in 1941. Captain America is the alter ego of Steve Rogers. Rogers is a tall but scrawny fine arts student specializing in illustration. Disturbed by the rise of the Third Reich Rogers attempts to enlist into the army, only to be rejected because of his weak physical form. A U.S. General, Chester Phillips looking for test subjects, offers Rogers the chance to serve his country by taking part in a top-secret defense project — Operation: Rebirth, which seeks to develop a means of creating physically superior soldiers. Rogers volunteers for the research and, after a rigorous selection process, is chosen as the first human test subject for the Super Soldier serum developed by the scientist "Dr. Josef Reinstein" in the test he is given the serum that transforms him overnight, from the frail and weak Steve Rogers to the super new breed of man...Captain America!

Like Batman Captain America has no inherent super powers though unlike Batman whom created himself, Captain America gained his powers through the serum treatment, the formula enhances all of his metabolic functions giving him far more endurance and strength than any human being! Rogers' battle experience and training make him an expert tactician and an excellent field commander, with his teammates frequently deferring to his orders in battle. Rogers' reflexes and senses are also extraordinarily keen. He has blended judo, boxing, kickboxing and gymnastics into his own unique fighting style and is a master of multiple martial arts. Years of practice with his indestructible shield make him able to aim and throw it with almost unerring accuracy. His skill with his shield is such that he can attack multiple targets in succession with a single throw or even cause a boomerang-like return from a throw to attack an enemy from behind. In canon, he is regarded by other skilled fighters as one of the best hand to hand combatants in the Marvel Universe.

Captain America's uniform is made of a fire-retardant material, and he wears a lightweight, bulletproof "duralumin" scale armour beneath his uniform for added protection. Originally, Rogers' mask was a separate piece of material, but an early engagement had it dislodged, thus almost exposing his identity. To prevent a recurrence of the situation, Rogers modified the mask with connecting material to his uniform, an added benefit of which was extending his armor to cover his previously exposed neck.

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