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Here is where you will find all of our fabulous Roman costumes. The tradition for toga parties may have long since passed, but with the emergence of TV shows such as Spartacus: Blood & Sand  and Rome: The Rise & Fall of an Empire, Roman fancy dress costumes are as popular as ever. You’ll find everything you need right here!

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The Roman Empire spanned from 27BC to 476AD - a time so long ago, it’s difficult to fathom. It’s also difficult to comprehend just how big the Empire was: it encompassed most of the known world at that time: the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and Africa. The UK was invaded by Roman centurions in AD43, and the roads they built are still in use today.

We have numerous Roman fancy dress outfits to choose from: for women there are empress and goddess costumes, as well as togas, of course! For men, again there are togas, but also Roman centurions, gladiators, emperors and Spartans.

Sparta was famous because its social system focused entirely upon military training. Spartan women were also seen as strong, producing powerful Spartan warriors. Spartan warriors were said to be the best in the world, and undefeatable. Though if you’ve seen the film 300, you know how that one ended.

The popularity of TV show Spartacus: Blood & Sand as well as the movie Gladiator have meant a lot of people are interested in the Roman tradition of gladiators and fighting. Roman gladiators were usually prisoners who trained as gladiators and fought each other or wild animals for the entertainment of the masses. They often fought to the death, and many died in training before ever reaching the arena. 

We have several goddess costumes from which you can choose. From the serpentine goddess with snakes for hair, to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, or Venus. We also have Roman empresses, and even Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the world. We even have warrior/soldier costumes for those girls who want to join in the fighting!

Our men’s costumes go from zombie gladiators to centurions and Caesar - and of course, non-zombie gladiators for those who don’t fancy brains for tea!

The Roman era can be a fantastic one for fancy dress costumes; the ladies’ costumes are fun and sexy, and the men’s (despite being mostly dresses) are very masculine. All are easily identifiable, so you won’t spend your evening being asked, “who have you come as?”

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