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Music is one of the most defining factors of the 1950s, though much of the fashion is popular amongst people who like to dress vintage. The early fifties were ruled by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Doris Day; showing that swing music was incredibly popular during this time. In high contrast, rock and roll came into the mainstream later on the in the decade thanks to Elvis - the King of Rock and Roll himself!

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Teddy boys and skirt-swinging sweethearts may have marked early 50s style, but Elvis certainly shook the decade up with leather and slick-back hair. 50s clothes are the sign of youth, fun and flirtation, so find your perfect rock’n’roll fancy dress costume and have a night to remember!

1950s clothes could make for a perfect duo, with men’s Blues Brothers costumes making for a smooth entrance. Alternatively, chew some gum in a Pink Ladies costume and get a T-Bird on your arm! Men’s Teddy boy or Buddy Holly costumes are a guaranteed hit and ladies can embrace the Frenchy fancy dress look – just don’t try to do the perm at home!

Whichever your perfect 1950s outfit, you can check out our catwalk captures to picture yourself channelling the look. 50s getup is all about fun, so embrace the polka dots, pastels and bomber jackets and you’ll be sure to be rockin’ around the clock all night!
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