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1940s Fancy Dress

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The 1940s were defined by the Second World War, which took place between 1939 and 1945. The world was changed by this event and resonations from the war are still in effect today. Dressing in 1940s style costumes and clothing is a great way to celebrate the efforts made by our ancestors during that period.

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Much great literature written during this period can be used to help us understand the international emotional strain undertaken during this time and it’s fantastic that we are able to understand and empathise with those who lived through the period.

Fashion at the time was focussed upon saving money and contributing to the war effort and some of the features can be seen today thanks to the vintage trend. Headscarves in particular are favoured amongst some fashionistas, as well as floral prints.

The American army uniform design and colours are popular costumes to wear to depict this period, and the Land Girl costume is popular amongst many thanks to the popular “We Can Do It!” poster which is utilised by many equal rights activists today.

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