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Halloween Story

Every October, Halloween catches the imagination of the nation as millions of people of all ages dress up in their favourite scary fancy dress costumes from Animals to Zombies and anything in between and set out for Fright Night in style. Adults ready to party to wake the living dead and children armed with tricks up their sleeves...unless they get thier treats!

Here at Fancy Dress Ball we have everything to help you get your spooky fright fest off to a scream, with our extensive range of costumes, wigs, props and a large range of colourful and wonderfully freaky contact lenses your'e sure to make it a 'FRIGHT' to remember!

Trick or Treat

All Hallows Eve'

Halloween Origins

Halloween, a yearly passing celebrated in many countries on the eve 'All Hallow's eve' on the 31st of October. All hallows eve has both christian and celtic influences, a feast influenced by western european harvests and festivals of the dead linked with the pagan roots of the Celtic Samhain, Samhain was observed as a gateway to another dimension where souls of the departed and other such beings would enter into the real world and welcomed with festivals, described as Feast of the dead. Though it was believed that malevolent spirits also entered at Samhain and in an attempt to ward off these evil spirits folk would wear costumes which is a strong link as to why we dress up today also jack o lanterns 'carved pumpkins' originated from pagan rituals though instead of pumpkins they would use turnips to create lanterns, carving faces into them to ward off evil spirits from their homes swell as to light their way on Samhain night.

Another legend is that of a trickster named Jack. Who one day tricked the Devil and captured him in a pumpkin and paraded him throughout the town. Unwittingly Jack set him free but the Devil cursed Jack and banished him as a spirit in hell. It was believed, Jack was released on the eve of Halloween to terrorize the country all night. In order to wade of jacks evil presence a pumpkin with a face carved into it was placed outside the home to scare Jack into believing he was seeing the Devil. Although we see Halloween as an American tradition (as they seem to embrace it a lot more than us) it was originally a British tradition, not until the mass immigration of the Scottish and Irish in the 19th century that Halloween was brought to America, the festival gradually bled into mainstream society and by the 20th century many across the continent of all social and racial backgrounds began celebrating Halloween.

Jack o Lantern

Halloween Today

Trick or Treat

Halloween is a good time to dim the lights get a bowl of popcorn snuggle up and watch horror movies the new and the old, though there is really no beating the classics at this time of the year, notably the nights namesake 'Halloween' John Carpenters classic from 1978 accompanied with its unforgettable soundtrack also scored by John Carpenter.

The film went on to become the first in a Halloween Franchise. Beginning on Halloween night Michael Myers, only six years old murders his older sister with a huge kitchen knife.

After fifteen years of incarceration at a high security psychiatric hospital he escapes and returns home to Haddonfield on Halloween night stalking teenager Laurie Strode played by Jamie Lee Curtis in her film debut. The film was produced on a budget of $325.000 and grossed over $70 million worldwide and $240 million as of 2012, it is one of the most profitable independant films ever!

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