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You’ll never be told to stop clowning about when you’re wearing one of these costumes – in fact it’s to be encouraged! Our clown costumes cover a wide range of styles and sizes, making sure you can be every bit the clown you want to be. Accessories are what makes this costume, so be sure to check out our wide range of clown accessories to complete the look.

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Chances are you’ll either love or hate clowns. Some people find them hilarious, whilst others experience terror just at the very mention of them!

Clowns have been around since 2400 B.C. and were usually revered, religious individuals! These days, clowns can commonly be found as street performers or as part of circus acts, though the art of ‘clowning’ is something studied by many comic actors.

Clowns International, which is based in England, is the oldest clown society in the world. When a clown is inducted into this organisation, they can join the Egg Gallery. This gallery is used to register their individual make up design and is painted onto an egg. When the clown passes away, the egg is smashed.

The humour of the clown is unique as it is based upon self-depreciation – this means any comic who uses self-depreciation to humorous effect is essentially ‘clowning’. Years ago, this was unusual for comic performers as they would often laugh along with the audience, though the clown was the original performer to be laughed at.

Many people claim to have an irrational fear of clowns, though many physiological institutions do not recognise this fear as a valid phobia. This fear can be related to the fear of the unknown and grotesque thanks to the exaggerated facial expressions and enlarged body parts such as the feet and hands.

The only thing you might have a phobia of on a night out is not making people laugh, but these costumes are sure to do the trick!

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