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Morcambe goes back in time!

Vintage by the Sea was set up by Wayne Hemmingway and his wife, to celebrate the creativity of the 20th century. The festival celebrates all aspects of British culture, from music and fashion to film, art, food and design. It began back in 2007 when the Hemmingways and their design team came up with the idea of a festival to celebrate the "decades of cool" from the 20s to the 80s, and to show how these decades still influence our lives today. The Hemmingways assembled archives, experts and knowledge to create an amazing festival, with the first one held in 2010 in Sussex. That year they won an award for Best New Festival and were spurred on to continue.

Since then there have been several festivals, with 2013 seeing Vintage Festivals in Glasgow and Morcambe, a Vintage New Year in London and Vintage Presents A Classic Car Boot Sale as well. The Hemmingways are massive collectors of vintage memorabilia; their collections can be seen at the Land of Lost Content Museum in Shropshire. As well as running this and the Vintage Festival, they also put on the official party of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and have provided a series of pop-up Vintage Nightclubs at Somerset House Ice Rink.

After a couple of years in Morcambe, Vintage By The Sea is really coming into its own and this year is sure to be another roaring success. And of course, as with any vintage celebration, fancy dress is an absolute must.

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