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Three races in fancy dress! What’s not to love?

You may have noticed that we love fancy dress! So when we saw a fancy dress triathlon, we knew we had to check it out. A triathlon is traditionally an endurance event; you'd normally expect entrants to be hardcore athletes who have trained and prepared for a long swim followed by a long bike ride and a long run at the end. People train for months and invest in a lot of specialist equipment for a triathlon: all-in-one "tri-suits" that can be worn for all three races; specialist bikes; gels and drinks to give you that extra burst of energy to keep going...

The organisers of the Gower Olympic Distance Triathlon have other ideas though; they've organised a Fancy Dress Triathlon to run alongside the Olympic distance race - and it's open for people of all abilities to enter. The swim is 400 metres, then there's a 16km bike ride, with a 5km run to finish. Obviously, you need to have a base level of ability to take part in this event, but you also need a fantastic fancy dress costume! It's billed as a fun end to the tri season, so it won't be as competitive as a normal triathlon.

Previous years have seen Batman competing against nurses, Superman, even a gang of Where's Wallys. Since it's not too competitive, you don't need to worry too much about how your costume will impact on your race time, though we have seen photos of one person dressed as a skeleton - heat to toe black lycra was probably a more practical option!

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