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Back to school we go! Well, the kids go back any way! The Summer is officially over. The weather begins to cool down, the nights start to draw in, and the shops begin to fill with Christmas tat already! More importantly though, we all start to look forward to Halloween! There's still a lot going on in September though, from Bestival at the beginning of the month to some great Butlins' Big Weekends at the end of the month. And of course, the beer lovers among us will all know that Oktoberfest begins in September!

Bestival Dress Up Ideas


The "Best" fancy dress festival!

Robin Hill Country Park on the Isle of Wight will come to life with festival goers from September 10th - 13th this year. Having celebrated its 10th year last year, Bestival is now a well established festival and really popular with festival-goers. This year is Bestival's Summer of Love, with a World Record busking attempt as well as a brand new Carnivale area.

With a lineup including Missy Elliott, The Chemical Brothers and Duran Duran, this year is sure to be amazing. And of course, Bestival has a strong tradition of fancy dress so it's definitely a favourite with us.


Morcambe goes back in time!

On 5th and 6th September, Morcambe will host "Vintage by the Sea," led by Wayne, Gerardine and Jack Hemmingway and the Hemmingway Design Team. This is its third year, and it's shaping up to be even better than the first two years. Last year was the first time the event stretched over two days, and it was such a success they've decided to continue it for this year too!

There's a great line-up this year for the festival which celebrates music, fashion, film, dance, art and design from the 1920s to 1990s. With such a wide range, there's bound to be something for everyone as we celebrate everything that has made British culture to rich and fantastic. Events include a WWII RAF flypast, street theatre including Punch & Judy, a vintage marketplace and authentic makeovers. We can't wait!

Vintage by the Sea Dress Up Ideas


Were you Blur or Oasis?

Remember the 1990s? We certainly do, and we loved the entire decade. We're so excited to see that Butlins are running several 90s Reloaded weekends in September. And there are loads of 90s legends performing, including 90s icons and fabulous tribute acts.

This is a great way re-live your wayward teenage years, whether you were mad-fer-it, into your Brit Pop or Indie, or a massive East 17 fan, these are the events for you.


A Celebration of All Things German!

Hands up who loves beer! Oktoberfest begins at the end of September in Munich, and we're really looking forward to it. Not only a massive festival of different kinds of Bavarian beer, Oktoberfest is also the world's largest funfair.

This year, Oktoberfest begins on Saturday 19th September, and the shenanigans will run until October 4th. People from across the globe will flock to Munich to sample Bavarian beers as well as enjoying the traditional Bavarian culture and of course the amazing funfair!

Oktoberfest Dress Up Ideas
Fancy Dress Triathlon Dress Up Ideas


Three races in fancy dress! What's not to love?

You could be forgiven for thinking that fancy dress and endurance races were mutually exclusive - but actually, if you think about it, someone who enjoys an endurance race has to be a little bonkers, don't they. And we're definitely mad for fancy dress! On 26th September, Port Eynon in Gower hosts the Fancy Dress Triathlon with a 400m swim, 16km bike ride and 5km run. The joy of this event is that it's supposed to be fun and for people of all abilities, not a typical triathlon. It's meant for the friends and families of the usual triathletes to be able to join in, and it has a real party atmosphere to end the triathlon season.


My name is Charlie; they work for me!

The 1970s is always one of the best decades for fancy dress, and Butlins know that! They have a fantastic Love the 70s weekend planned this month at their Bognor Regis resort and we can't wait. Remember the Osmonds, Brotherhood of Man and Boney M? We certianly do, and we're already humming along to their hits.

Head-to-toe glitter, platform shoes, bell bottoms.. what's not to love! With some amazing tribute acts lined up, you'd better get your fancy dress in order!

Love the 70s - Butlins Dress Up Ideas
Uktimate 80s - Butlins Dress Up Ideas


Loadsa Money!!

If we were listing things we loved about the 1980s, we would have to include Madonna in her heyday and Michael Jackson in hers; MC Hammer in his ridiculous trousers (you just sang "can't touch this" in your head, didn't you! Don't deny it), shoulder pads that made your shoulders pointy enough to damage a nearby mullet... but we might not put the mullet on our list. That one was something of an acquired taste, wasn't it!

Butlins recognises just how much everyone loves the 1980s though, and they have an Ultimate 80s Weekend at their Minehead resort on the weekend of 25th September. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to hook out our leg warmers and stock up on hair spray..


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