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Only the fittest will survive!! ...

We love an event that includes fancy dress as well as a warning to expect "frights, surprises, screams and frantic dashes." Who could ask for more from an event? In 2011 the organisers of this event were watching a zombie movie marathon when they came up with the idea of hosting an event that would be a theatrical racing experience - something zombie enthusiasts and enthusiastic runners could all enjoy. The first race was in 2012, with the thrilling combination of fitness and fun attracting more zombies than runners! In that first race, 4000 people participated in that first race… some even survived infection! This year there are two events, and the organisers expect 8000 people to take part… and get infected, obviously.

We love the inclusive message of this event. The organisers welcome all participants - whatever age, shape or size - because hungry zombies want to eat everyone's brains! And although it's billed as a race, there is a real festival vibe to it with loads of extra activities. We love an event that caters for all, and is fully immersed in the game. The organisers talk of zombie attacks, infestations and escapes - not dressing up and pretending! They call themselves an Equal Zombie Opportunities Employer, and have zombies chasing runners, shuffling through obstacle courses, or just sitting at the side of the course munching on a brain or two - this means anyone can take part. It might be billed as a race, but you don't need to be an avid runner to join in and that's fantastic. Zombie fun for everyone! The race has actors, themed zones and tons of gore. Looking forward to it? We are!

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