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We love Comic Con events. They're always filled with real, hardcore comic fans who really know their comics from the main characters to tiny people who appeared once in one edition six years ago. And they always go all out on their costumes!

People love to dress up for these events, whether as their favourite heroes or villains. Lots of people go as characters made famous by movies or TV, but many choose to dress as lesser known characters from their favourite comic books. A fabulous event for fans of comics!

MCM Comic Con is a series of events that run across the country, but the London event is widely perceived to be the best. These are the UK's largest modern popular culture shows. There are Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as online forums leading up to the event, as well as lots of photos and videos on the website of previous events.

This year's London Comic Con is bound to be just as amazing as previous years, if not more so. Featuring all of the usual things, from dealer stalls to theatre, there's also the massive cosplay element, including the Euro Cosplay Championship Finals being held on the Saturday. We're really looking forward to this, because if there's one sector of society that really goes all out with their fancy dress, it's Comic Con cosplayers. And the finals of this championship will feature the absolute best of the best from all other Comic Con events this year.

There's also the MCM London Party, potentially returning after its massive success in May of this year. We're really hoping it does return as the event in the summer was just amazing - and again, cosplay is actively encouraged, so it's bound to be filled with loads of weird and wonderful costumes! Hoorah!

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