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Board up your windows, start collecting weapons... beach of the dead is coming! Undead since 2007, every October Brighton hosts a massive zombie walk/stumble from the West Pier, along Madeira Drive, to a massive undead after party at a local bar.

The walks began in 2007 with around 40 participants but quickly grew, until the 2011 walk saw 3000 undead, and 2012 a massive 6000 walking corpses. Last year's event was cancelled because of health and safety concerns - they were worried too many zombies would turn up! This year's event has a lot to make up for then, and is bound to be spectacular. Lost souls are set to begin descending upon the normally cheery seaside town of Brighton at around 3pm on the day of the parade; photos and video from previous events suggest that one should dress to impress.. to impress other zombies, that is. Blood, gore, torn clothes, more blood, contact lenses, face paint, more blood... you get the idea. Start practising your groans and stumbles; you want to look like a real zombie after all. If you don't look like the real deal, the zombies might spot you and eat your brain!

We're already preparing for the event and can't wait. We'll be the ones with the vacant expression, arms waving in front of us, shouting, "braaiiinnnnsssssss!"

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