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An ace weekend for all

The ‘80s was an amazing (if a little dodgy) decade for fashion and music. The weirdest, craziest hair styles combined with bright colours in clothing and make up to make this one of the most fun decades for a weekend of nostalgia. Butlins know this, and they’re planning a real treat for us this November with all the stars to take you back in time 30 years. Pat Sharp, Jive Bunny, Modern Romance and Limahl to name but a few - as well as several tribute acts who are bound to set the dancefloor alight.

Many people look back on the fashions of the ‘80s from behind a (bland, plain) cushion but not us! We love all those bright colours and outrageous hair styles! Mesh vests, spiky hair, neon everything - what’s not to love! From Wrestle Mania to Baywatch to Miami Vice, the ‘80s was just an amazing decade for crazy outfits and hair - and none of these are things you could just casually wear to the pub on a Friday night, are they! You need a dedicated weekend to indulge in this nostalgia.

If you’re going to this weekend, you’re probably going to want to pack a separate suitcase for all your hairspray and mousse!

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