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Many people write off Comic Con as something just for geeky comic lovers; the people who have every single edition of the Batman comics or can tell you Spiderman’s entire back story. These days though, it’s a much more cool affair, and not at all limited to comic books. Comic Con is a massive celebration of popular culture, with many current stars of major TV shows present alongside legends of the Comic Con world. It was announced fairly early on that Lee Majors, star of the Six Million Dollar Man, will be making his UK Comic Con debut in Birmingham so it’s bound to be even more popular than normal this year!

As well as the chance to meet heroes of the big and small screens, there are exhibitors, dealer stalls, robots, the comic village, and of course - cosplay and Masquerade. You can sign up to take part in the Masquerade on the Comic Con site from early October. This is such a fantastic event, with judging taking place throughout the day, and then the stage show as the last item of the day. All costumes are home-made, so it’s a real chance to show off your amazing creative talents, and use some artistic license.

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