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Dia de los Muertos

Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican festival for honouring the dead. Traditionally sugar skulls and marigolds are used as offerings, as well as the favourite foods and drinks of the departed. The Day of the Dead Festival takes this honouring of the dead and says, let’s celebrate the dead and everything else Mexican as well! With an amazing Mexican street food market beginning at 1pm, you can make sure you’ve enough sustenance to keep you going until home time at 1am. A full-on, twelve-hour party filled with music, art and everything Mexican.

Any Day of the Dead celebration is underpinned by amazing food, and Wahaca knows that - so they have planned only the best, most delicious Mexican food for the festival. Street food stalls are dotted throughout the festival with all sorts of traditional, tasty treats on offer. There are also guest chef stalls with Enrique Olvera’s team from Pujol joining the fun. Olvera is one of Mexico’s most prestigious chefs, known for reinventing traditional Mexican recipes and being a pioneer of new and sustainable cuisine. His restaurant Pujol was voted by Restaurant Magazine as the 16th best in the world. As well as stalls dotted about the festival, there is a three-course, sit-down supper club for 120 lucky ticket holders - an amazing opportunity to taste the best Mexican food in the world!

As well as all of this, there is of course the music. This is provided by headliners The Horrors as well as Mexican act Zoe, Crystal Fighters, Savages and so many more. We’re especially looking forward to Mexrrissey, a Mexican super-group united through their love of Morrissey. Just imagine how they will sound!

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