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Eurovision Song Contest Costume Ideas

Say hello to one of the cheesiest song contests in the world!

Since it began in 1956, Eurovision has become one of the biggest and best (and most weird) musical competitions the world has ever seen. We've not won the contest since 1997 when Katrina and the Waves sang Love Shine A Light... but it's not about the winning; it's about the taking part, right? Well, in Eurovision it really isn't about the winning! It's about the showmanship, the brilliant costumes, the amazing designs... and the voiceover of course! Since Sir Terry stepped down a few years ago this job has fallen to Graham Norton - who has done a great job so far. We can't wait to hear his hilarious remarks this year as he struggles to keep a straight face.

The cheesiest, campest, weirdest and most flamboyant competition to have ever graced the planet! where all the weird and dreadful and sometimes, tho it is rare...good artists gather to perform though the irony of that is that they are pretty certain to come last. The Eurovision contest invites acts from countries all over Europe the premise is the the cheesiest the better really and always conjures up some delightful oddities If they are not remembered for the songs they perform they are certainly remembered for the outrageous costumes they perform in. The competition is seen as a bit of a joke on these shores. The only requirement for this show is that you can perform your socks off, and put on a fantastic show for the people at home. People from all over Europe tune in to see countries put forward their very best singing talents, and even better - we all get to vote on who wins! In the past we've had Lordi, the heavy metal band from Finland, Conchita Wurst, the drag queen with a beard, and Dana International, a transgender performer

Of course, here in the UK we have a somewhat interesting history with Eurovision, having not won since 1997 - but Katrina and the Waves' Love Shine a Light was our fifth win over all, so we shouldn't really complain! It's always fun to see all the different outfits and performances, and to hear the commentators as they struggle to keep a straight face.. is it the same since Terry Wogan hung up his mic though?

Really, can you see a country as The United Kingdom, a country that gave birth to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols and Oasis among so many other great artists really coming last in a music competition? No! Ha, well us neither. But none the less it is a great theme and excuse to have a party and get dressed up have a few drinks and dance around to the wonderfully weird song competition!

Last year Australia joined the contest... despite their being slightly far from Europe. But still, they added another entertaining performance for us to watch! Over fifty countries have participated in the contest at least once, and this year there are 37 entries taking part in two semi-finals before the main event. It's bound to be epic!

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