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Ve day, Eurovision song contest, May Day ...

With 2 bank holiday weekends, Eurovision, the FA Cup final and Star Wars Day, May is sure to be a fantastic month all round. Summer is just around the corner, and maybe this year we'll get that heat wave everyone hopes for every single year!

There are so many opportunities for fancy dress this month we just can't wait! Star Wars Day is bound to be massive with the recent new movie, and then there's the annual cheese fest that is Eurovision. If that's not your cup of tea, there's an Absolute 80s Weekender, Comic Con, VE Day and the FA Cup final. A brilliant month all round!

Alternatively, why not start with a wardrobe refresh and get yourself some new gear to celebrate many of this months events and get in the mood to partaaay' Mexico' style and celebrate Cinco De Mayo who cares if your not Mexican! You like Tacos? You like Tequila? Of course you do it makes you happy.


Never gonna give you up...

If there's one thing we all love, it's '80s culture. The music, the big hair, the shoulder pads... the entire decade was just massive, wasn't it? The Absolute 80s Weekender is a collaboration between Absolute 80s Radio and Butlins, and it's bound to be amazing. With so much brilliant music and such great styles to wear, what's not to love? The weekender is held at two different venues on the same weekend, with acts including ABC, Doctor and the Medics, Pat Sharp, Five Star, Jive Bunny and many more, as well as tribute acts.


Celebrating the spring!

May Day is an ancient spring festival held on May 1st. In the UK we also have a May Day bank holiday and this year, the bank holiday weekend falls on May 1st! These days when we think of May Day, we think of dancing around a maypole, perhaps crowning the Queen of May. It seems like a quintessentially English thing to do, to hold a bank holiday fete or gathering and hold pieces of ribbon as you skip gaily around a pole, doesn't it!

Ve Day Costumes 2014
MCM Comic Con Costume Ideas


Love comics and anime? You'll love these!

Comic conventions have become more and more popular over the years. Once the province of geeks and weirdos, they're now much more mainstream and geeks are now much more cool! MCM Comic Con in London is one of the biggest and most popular of the conventions, with lots of special guests and chances to meet the stars. This year is no exception with a fantastic line up promised as well as dealer stalls, memorabilia, steampunk and of course, cosplay and the masquerade.


The 60th anniversary of the cheesiest song contest in the world!

The slogan for this year's Eurovision is "Come Together" and after Måns Zelmerlöw won last year, this year's contest will be held in Stockholm. The most camp, cheesy, flamboyant and... well, just plain weird competition in the world is sure to be just as great a watch this year. Do you know who's representing the UK this year? Does it even matter? Nobody watches Eurovision to see the British act; we watch it to see all the other entries! We can't wait...

Euro Vision Song Contest Costume Ideas
Star Wars Day Costumes


May the fourth be with you!...

Did you see the latest Star Wars movie? Since the franchise was taken over by Disney its popularity seems to have gone through the roof so we're expecting this year's Star Wars Day to be pretty epic! Costume wise, there are bound to be the obvious Leias and storm troopers but what about BB8? And costumes don't need to be from the most recent movie; what about Boba Fet? A Jawa? Or an Eewok?


Here we go, here we go, here we go!

The FA Cup is one of the most loved football competitions. It's a knockout competition where you can often see a small, underdog club knock out one of the giants. The FA Cup is also the oldest association football competition in the world, running since the 1871-72 football season. The competition is open to any eligible club down to level 10 of the league system and fixtures are drawn blind so tiny local clubs are often pitted against giants of the Premier League - and sometimes they even win! But will we have a giant slayer at Wembley this year?

FA Cup - Football Match Costumes
Star wars costumes


We'll meet again...

On May 8th 1945 the Second World War officially ended in Europe. After the news was announced Queen Elizabeth (then Princess Elizabeth) famously went out into the streets of London to walk among the public - not something any of the Royals would be able to do these days! There were street parties and festivities all over the country and that celebration is something we repeat each year. As the years go by there are fewer and fewer survivors of the war still alive to tell their story - so it's important that we continue to celebrate VE Day not just for the cake and partying, but also to teach younger generations about what happened.

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