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Time to get down and muddy to the music!

Glastonbury Festival is possibly one of the most famous music festivals in the world. There is a long tradition with this festival, not just of tents and mud, but also of weird and wonderful fancy dress costumes. Revellers turn up dressed as everything from Spiderman to a nun. In fact, sometimes it can seem a lot like there are more people in fancy dress at Glastonbury than there are in normal clothes! If you're going to the festival this year, make sure you're all kitted up!

This year's festival is looking brilliant too - as we've all come to expect! Between June 22nd and 26th the various stages at Glastonbury will be hosting Muse, Adele, Coldplay, Beck, The 1975 and oh, so many more! The brilliant thing about Glastonbury is that there are so many different stages to cater for so many different musical tastes - and there are so many other things going on at the festival that you could quite feasibly spend a very busy five days there and not once watch a band! And then, of course, there's the fancy dress. Glastonbury seems to have one of the best fancy dress traditions we've ever seen, and we love it! Our top tips for Glastonbury fancy dress: go for something simple like a onesie that will travel well and doesn't cost a fortune so you won't be heartbroken when it gets covered in mud or something else!

Everyone agrees that Glastonbury Festival is one of the best. It's one of those festivals that has amazing music acts playing for the entire five days - but they're almost secondary to everything else that's going on! In a lot of ways, Glastonbury is like several different festivals all in the same place, with a theatre and circus and areas known as the Green Fields, Shangri-La, Block 69, The Common, The Unfairground and The Park. There's even a cinema! This is a massive festival with something for everyone - and where everyone dresses to impress. Lots of families go to Glastonbury festival and never set foot near the music stages; there is so much to do! There's a strong tradition of fancy dress and elaborate outfits too, with people really going above and beyond to create the most amazing costumes. If you're going to Glastonbury Festival this year, make sure you prepare an amazing fancy dress costume - or more than one, if you want a costume change over the course of the weekend. Oh, and wellies. Remember your wellies!

And if you couldn't get a ticket, why not throw your own Glastonbury fancy dress party, watching the live coverage on the BBC from the comfort of your own living room!

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