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It's coming home, it's coming home ... well, we’ve done it before!!

The FIFA World Cup began in 1930 in Uruguay. Thirteen teams took part in that first tournament, only four of whom were from Europe. Apparently so few European teams chose to take part because it was a bit difficult to travel to Uruguay, which had been chosen because the South American country were celebrating the centenary of their first constitution, and their national team had retained their title at the Olympics two years previously.

This year in Brazil, thirty-one teams are taking part, and every country that has previously been world champion has qualified to take part: Brazil, Spain, Argentina, England, France, Uruguay, Germany and Italy.

We love to watch international football matches and spot all the fantastic flags, wigs, painted faces and costumes in the crowd. But you don’t need to be in the crowd in Brazil to take part! Lots of pubs host massive screenings of the matches, and people also have smaller parties at home. This event is the perfect opportunity to wear fabulous football fancy dress. Whether you’re supporting England or Ecuador, really get into the spirit of the event, and get your face paints out!

Is England likely to win .... well, we’ve done it before, haven’t we! All together now: Engerland, Engerland, Engerlannnnnd...

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