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It's the Year of the Sheep!

People born in the year of the Monkey are seen as quick-witted, curious and innovative. Chinese New Year is on a different date each year, as it is driven by the lunisolar Chinese calendar. Each year is characterised by one of twelve animals which appear on the Chinese zodiac. Last year was the year of the goat; now we're moving into the year of the monkey. This year the celebrations in London are set to be the largest outside of Asia, with a big parade through Chinatown. We can't wait to see the beautiful Chinese dragons, elaborately decorated costumes and of course the lantern parade. Lucky colours for the year of the Monkey are white, gold and blue so expect to see a lot of these in parades all over the globe. There's such a fantastic atmosphere at Chinese New Year celebrations; it's something the whole community can join in with, and a great opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and traditions, as well as wearing some magnificent costumes. There's bound to be lots of coverage in the media as well, with dragon dances and parades being so beautiful and colourful!

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