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Out with the old, in with the new!

The last day of the year is traditionally a day to reflect on the past twelve months and consider what you will do with the coming year... or, you know, to run around frantically trying to find a costume for that New Year fancy dress party you forgot you’d been invited to.

Whatever you do, no matter how late you’ve left it to find a costume, please, please don’t be tempted to do a Wednesday Addams. You know, “I’m a homicidal maniac; they look just like everyone else.” Yes, they do - but that costume is no fun and the complete opposite of what fancy dress is all about. And nobody loves a smarty-pants! Raid the cupboards! Cut up a sheet and go as a ghost if you have to - just don’t cop out on the biggest night of the year!

You could go as an animal, a celebrity, a cartoon character… whatever you can think of, really! If you’re short on time, you just need more imagination. And the internet. The internet is great for this sort of thing. We bet, if you think really hard, you can come up with at least two short-notice outfits for a fancy dress party that will look super-cool and not at all like you threw them together at the last minute.

Failing that, call your mum. She will have done this sort of last-minute-costume thing a million times when you were growing up.

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