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Christmas, New Year's eve, London Santa Run & Cyclo Cross...

It's the most wonderful time of the year! December is the month of Christmas, of course, which is something we all look forward to... but there's lots going on besides that one day! There's Hogwarts at Christmas and lots of Christmas fancy dress races, which you probably have to be a certain type of person to join in with! There's also a fantastic festival of the 60s which is bound to be a blast, and of course, everyone knows December ends with New Year's Eve. How was your year? A good one to be celebrated, or a bad one to be ushered out the door as quickly as possible? Either way, the best way to see off 2014 is with a big old party!

London Santa Run Dress Up Ideas


Ho, ho, ho!

Have you ever seen 2,000 Santas in the same place? What about 2,000 Santas running in a race? Suddenly your average, every-day run around the park becomes ten times more fun - with a lot more ho-ho-ho-ing, some wobbling of a jelly belly, cheeks like roses and a nose like a cherry! On 6th December, Battersea Park will be filled with Santas, as come together to run a 6km race to raise funds for Disability Snowsport UK. So you get to dress as Santa, run around like a loon, and raise money for charity... where do we sign up?


Accio tinsel!

By this point, there's probably not a single person in the country who's not heard of Harry Potter - and the vast majority of us love him! Hogwarts at Christmas has come to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter, and it's sure to be as amazing as all eight of the movies! The studio tour is set to be even more magical than usual, with a blanket of special effect snow covering all of the usual attractions and a Christmas makeover for the whole set! Now all we need is a cloak, a fake scar and some round glasses...

Hogwarts at Christmas Dress Up Ideas


Let's get groovy, man!

Those people at Butlins definitely know how to throw a party, and we're really looking forward to their Festival of the 60s in Skegness from 12th to 15th December. With lots of massive headliners including The Animals & Friends, The Searchers, Herman's Hermits, The Troggs and The Merseybeats, as well as a whole host of tribute acts, this is bound to be a fantastic weekend. And like all the best weekends, there will of course be fancy dress!


Red noses at the ready!

What is it about people who are into running? They're all a bit bonkers, aren't they? Which just means that the special races they put on are extra fantastic! Rudolph's Rampage is no exception. A 7km multi-terrain fancy dress race with - wait for it - mince muffins at the end! Now in its 6th year, it's bound to be a fantastic event. Now, where did we put those antlers...

Rudolph's Rampage Dress Up Ideas
Cyclo Cross Dress Up Ideas


On yer bike!

Fancy dress and Christmas are our two favourite things… so when faced with the chance to combine the two, and raise money for charity as well, we get really excited. We're really looking forward to the Christmas Fancy Dress Charity Cyclo-Cross at Hedben Bridge on Sunday 21st December. Cyclo cross is cross-country racing, so there's bound to be a bit of mud and muck involved too, which is always a winner.


Ding dong merrily on high...

We're not sure if you've heard, but December 25th is Christmas Day. Santa Claus, elves, reindeer, snow, tinsel, trees, lights… and then there's the food: roast turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas pudding with brandy butter, mince pies, big tins of sweets… Ohhh, we can't wait! Like all fabulous things, the best part of Christmas is the anticipation: the shopping, the planning, the parties - fancy dress parties, of course!

Christmas Day Dress Up Ideas
New Year's Eve Dress Up Ideas


Out with the old, in with the new!

How was your 2014? So good, you want to celebrate it? Or so bad you want to celebrate it ending? Either way, everyone knows the best way to celebrate New Year is with a big old fancy dress party! The only question now is, who will you go as? An animal? A celebrity? A comic book hero? A character from a book? Someone from a different era? Someone from the future? Someone from a different planet? It's never too early to start planning your costume for New Year's Eve!


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