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What do you think of, when you think of Madonna?

Ahh, Madonna. Remember 1980s Madonna, with her bonkers hair, her rara skirts, the overstated necklaces and loud eye make up? Then there was the Who's That Girl Madonna with classic red lips, coiffured bleach blonde hair and thick brows (how did that work? We don't know!), then the Madonna who appeared at the 1990 VMAs with an impossibly elaborate costume complete with hair piece and powdery make up. The Blonde Ambition Madonna, the fierce, slicked back hair and the cone bra, the Madonna who released Bedtime Story looking very feminine and soft, the Evita Madonna, the creepy-looking Madonna who sang Frozen, the Madonna who got into the back of Ali G's cab in her Music video, the faux-English Madonna who married Guy Ritchie and discovered tweed, can you think of any others?

And then there's yoga-obsessive Madonna, the Madonna who writes children's books, the Madonna who has children (imagine if your mum was Madonna, for goodness sake!), Madonna the actress, the business woman, the director, the producer... Wow. What a list! Even for a 57-year-old, that's a lot of different things to fit into one life! We wonder if she ever gets the old cone bra out, or perhaps her rara skirt, just for hanging about the house in...

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