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Running for charidee, mate!

The best thing about watching the London Marathon (from the comfort of our sofas) is the stories, isn't it? Yes, there are amazing feats with professional athletes completing the course in record time - but long after they've got their medals and gone home, the normal people in the funny costumes, running the race to raise money for their favourite charities - they're the people we tune in to watch. The more ridiculous the costume, the bigger their smile, the better the viewing!

Remember in 2002, when Lloyd Scott completed the course in a deep sea diving suit that weighed 50kg? He set a record for the slowest marathon time, and we're not surprised, with shoes weighing 11kg each! We've seen Charlie Chaplin complete the Marathon, beer bottles, pantomime horses, popes, tigers, cornish pasties and even a Dalek... we're really looking forward to seeing who turns up on the starting line this year!

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