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Mad for it!

Ahh, the 1990s... the OJ Simpson trial, dial-up internet connections, and Friends... oh, and loads of great music as well. This month sees a ‘90s Reloaded weekend that you definitely won't want to miss. There's Coolio in his Gangster's Paradise, Cece Peniston, Romeo, Beats International and Angie Brown as well as lots more - and a tribute to Jamiroquai! Wonder if he's wearing one of those big hats... We can't wait to get involved; the only question is what to wear; do we go with round sunglasses and baggy jeans like Oasis, bright colours and glow sticks for a rave, whistles at the ready, chunky platform shoes and high-waisted jeans? Or something completely different? Then there's the hair: Liam from Oasis? Ginger Spice? Rachel from Friends or ridiculously spiky swirls that all the girls had in the 1990s? Perhaps one of Madonna's many incarnations, or a bowl cut like someone from the Stone Roses... there's so much to prepare!

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