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Always wished you could be someone famous? Well...wish no more, here at fancy dress ball we have a great range of celebrity costumes to choose from! Soap stars to Film stars, Rock Stars to Pop Stars, living legends and to the greats that have passed away. We're sure to have your perfect Fancy dress costume for your celebrity themed fancy dress occasion!

If you could be someone famous, who would you Be?

We've all had that question asked, wether its a famous rock singer like Elvis Presley with hoards of adoring fans, a famous oscar winning actor or actress or maybe just someone who just oozed cool and style like 'International man of Mystery'...Austin Powers haha! We all dream of fame though some more than others and now with so called reality T.V being famous isn't that hard. Though true talent will always live on and inspire for many a generation. Stars that have passed away like Elvis, Marilynn Monroe and Freddie Mercury have left a legacy that will never fade and those living legends like Slash From the rock band Guns and Roses, widely renowned as one of the best guitar payers of all time sitting in their nicely with the late Jimi Hendrix will inspire many a young air guitarist. So that said if you could be someone famous, who would you be? Kim Kardashian who is famous for...erm? Or a true artist and icon someone like Marylynn Monroe?
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