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World Book Day: The UK’s favourite children’s book character and author

Posted on February 18, 2014 by admin


As children, we all had our own favourite fiction book and individual character who we idolised and adored. Many of us were so fanatical that we will even remember raiding the fancy dress box and taking on their persona. With World Book Day only a few weeks around the corner, we carried out a survey, quizzing almost 700 parents in order to find out which fictional character and author are voted number one by children around the UK.


Unsurprisingly, the ever-popular Harry Potter came out on top, with almost 15% of the 585 parents asked stating that the young wizard was their child’s favourite fictional character. His magical capabilities appear to have played an important part in many children’s decision, while others cited his intelligence as the reason behind their choice. In light of the wizard’s runaway victory, we can only assume that Harry Potter fancy dress costumes will be flying off the shelves in the run up to World Book Day, when children can go into school dressed as a fictional character of their choice.

The Gruffalo was reported as the second most popular fictional character among British children. According to parents, the beast is favoured by children as they find him funny and scary, while one even said that their little one liked his hairy toes!


Princesses such as Snow White and Tinker Bell were favoured by little girls, largely down to the fact that they enjoy dressing up as them! Although not quite as pleasing to the eye, notable characters from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings were also in the running, including the mysterious creature Gollum and the iconic wizard Gandalf.


Old school classics such as Rupert Bear and Popeye also found themselves on the list, albeit at the bottom. Nevertheless, characters from Enid Blyton’s bestselling series The Famous Five scored higher, demonstrating that even some of the books we enjoyed as children remain popular with children today.

Given the success of Harry Potter in the survey, it came as little surprise to discover that J.K. Rowling, the brains behind the book, achieved the highest percentage of votes for favourite author. Thanks to his imaginative and enthralling plot lines, the late novelist Roald Dahl, whose works include the BFG and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, also scored highly, achieving almost 10% of the votes. Enid Blyton wasn’t far behind with her timeless tales, while comedian David Walliams’ recent stories also appear to have won him acclaim as a children’s author.

Who is your child’s favourite fictional character and will they be dressing up as this World Book Day? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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