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Women’s Fancy Dress Fit for a Fairytale Princess

Posted on April 06, 2011 by admin

Being a fairy princess in today’s princess-eat-princess world can be pretty tough! We think one of the most brilliant things about fancy dress is the option for little fairy princesses (who happen to inhabit adult bodies!) to show their fabulousness on the outside as well as in!

•    Princess stories don’t come much older than the Egyptian tales of Cleopatra. Our Egyptian Queen Costume is elegant and could help you command the attention of your loyal subjects (as it should be!)
•    Sticking with ancient theme, how about the Greek Goddess Costume to put a spell on admirers…
•    Ladies’ fancy dress doesn’t come much more badass than the Warrior Princess Costume – perfect if you want to look like you could cut the throats of disloyal subjects in a second!

Warrior Princess Costume

•      Who are we not to include some fairytale magic? Princesses don’t come much sweeter than the Classic Snow White Costume (although we’re not sure she really wore suspenders…)
•    The Sexy Indian Princess Costume is the ideal choice for sultry princesses (who know how to handle a bow and arrow!)
•    Fancy being queen bee? Check out the Queen Bumble Bee Costume, and don’t forget your honey pot purse!

Women’s fancy dress is all about having fun playing dress up… and remember how much fun that used to be! A real princess is never shy with her fashion sense, so be brave in your fancy dress outfits ladies!

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