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Wimbledon is Coming!

Posted on June 27, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball


Wimbledon starts today and we can’t wait! With Andy Murray’s recent win at Queen’s, can he earn himself another Wimbledon title? Today’s the day the excitement kicks off!

In celebration the beginning of the world’s favourite tennis tournament, here are five things you might not know about Wimbledon…

It’s the only major tennis Grand Slam tournament still played on grass.  The Australian and US Opens are both now played on clay.

The first women to play in the tournament did so in full length dresses. The men wore full length trousers until 1946. There are still dress regulations today, so that a woman wearing a low-cut top showing too much cleavage will not be allowed onto court.

In 1966 Billie Jean King won her first Wimbledon championship and received a £25 gift voucher. In 2000 Venus Williams won Wimbledon and received £300,000.

Only one man has ever won a Wimbledon title while wearing glases. In 1954 Jaroslav Drobný, a former Czechoslovakian citizen, won Wimbledon and in 1959 he became aBritish citizen in 1959.

In order to become a ball boy or girl at Wimbledon, you must train for eight hours per week for four months before the start of the tournament. There are over 200 ball boys and girls used to collect tennis balls during Wimbledon.


Will you be settled in front of the TV for the next two weeks to watch Wimbledon? Or are you travelling to watch the matches live?

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