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Top 5 Fancy Dress With Hats!

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball


A hat is a great way to add the finishing touch to your fancy dress costume… or if you’re caught short (or feeling really lazy) you can sometimes get away with just plonking on a hat and calling it your costume! Here are our five favourite hats for fancy dress


1. Cowboy Hat
If you don’t have time to put together a whole outfit, a cowboy hat can be a lifesaver. A pair of jeans, pointy-toed boots, almost any sort of plain t shirt or flannel shirt and you can easily become a cowboy – or girl!

2. Pirate Hat
Ok, well you do need to put a little more effort into this one to make it a complete outfit but at a real push, you can just wear dark or ripped clothing and a pirate hat and tell people you’re a pirate. The biggest part of being a pirate is talking like one any way! Check out our blog post on how to talk like a pirate!

3. Animal Ears
Ok, so not strictly a hat – but a great way to get away with not having a proper costume! Dress all in black, stick on a pair of cat or dog ears and paint your nose black! Job’s a good’un!

4. Viking
Everyone knows what a viking hat looks like; it has horns! There’s no mistaking what you’ve come as if you’re wearing a viking hat, right? The rest of your outfit should probably involve a sheepskin or leather waistcoat and… er… brown trousers? See? Nobody knows what vikings wear, other than the hat! Vikings are all about the hats.

5. Charlie Chaplin
You could be almost anyone wearing a black suit… but draw on a little moustache and don a bowler hat and hey presto – you’re Chaplin. Everyone know Charlie Chaplin, even if they’ve never seen any of his movies and know nothing about him. It’s an iconic image and easy to pull off.


Do you have a go-to hat for fancy dress emergencies?

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