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This Sunday is Punk for a Day Day!

Posted on October 21, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball


Have you ever fancied being a punk? Spiking your hair, donning a leather jacket and shouting slogans about the establishment? Well then friend, this Sunday is the day for you!

Punk For a Day Day this Sunday is the perfect opportunity for grown adults everywhere to act like misunderstood teenagers. Punkdom is filled with irony; it started off as a way of rebelling against the mainstream, of being different from everyone else, a big two-fingers up to the establishment… but it became so popular it was eventually the mainstream. Everyone was a punk! Who could fail to love a contradiction like that!

So, how do you go about being a punk for a day? Well, first you shave your head into a Mohawk style… wait, what do you mean, you have work on Monday? Ok, well, Plan B: get hold of one of these wigs, and pretend. For the ladies: bright colours, back combing, hair spray. Thing 80’s bouffant, but after a heavy night out on the tiles, and then dragged through the proverbial hedge backwards.

For your outfit: go to your local haberdashery and buy as many safety pins as you can carry. Rip your clothes, then use safety pins to hold them together. Wear a safety pin as an ear ring. Make a hair clip from a safety pin. Put safety pins on your favourite necklace. You get the idea… the idea is to wear lots of safety pins.

Other things to include in your outfit: big bovver boots, tartan, lots of  unnecessary buckles, studs, denim or leather jacket, ripped tights or trousers. Basically, all the things you would probably never dream of wearing on a normal Sunday.

For makeup, we love this tutorial for a 1970s punk look:


How brilliant is that makeup! We love the little factoids that pop up on the screen as you go through the video too!

We’ve found a brilliant video to help you perfect your moves, too. It’s hard to come up with a punk song that doesn’t include lots of swearing, and we really don’t want to offend our lovely readers but then we remembered this absolute classic of a tune:


Extra points if you have even the slightest clue what old Iggy’s on about there… something about hypnotising chickens?

So basically, you need messy hair, ripped clothes, safety pins, black eyes, and dancing around like you’ve been electrocuted.

Totally doable for a Sunday!


If you’re celebrating Punk For A Day Day don’t forget to share photos with us on our Facebook page!

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