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The very best traditional Halloween party games!

Posted on October 04, 2013 by admin


If you’re planning on hosting a Halloween party this year, you might be thinking about taking it back to basics. While costumes, music, snacks and plenty of drinks will be on the cards, in the name of all things retro, you might be thinking about including some classic Halloween games!

Playing games with your friends isn’t just a lot of fun, but it’ll really make your party stand out from the rest! Plenty of traditional party games are suitable for all ages, and only become more fun the older you are!

Bobbing for apples


One of the best known and loved Halloween party games, bobbing for apples has been a staple of the holiday since Halloween parties began! You’ll probably remember playing this game as a child, and it’s only become more fun now that you’ve grown up!

To play a traditional version of this game, you’ll need to a find a big container that can be filled with water and apples. By kneeling on the floor, players will have to hold their hands behind their backs and use their mouths to grab hold of an apple! Be quick now, there’s only a minute on the clock…

For a grown up version, consider filling the container with a potent punch or cider to really kick things up a notch!

Pass the apple


Apple-based games are very traditional for Halloween, with pass the apple perfectly complementing the bobbing game!

Standing in a circle, participants must pass the apple around from person to person, using only their necks and chins in order to do so. Careful not to drop it! The apple will return to the start should it hit the floor.

Pie eating contest


Coming over from America is the pie eating contest! This is sure to get messy, so ensure you have someone on hand to deal with any spraying crust and cream!

Rather than attempting to eat a huge number of pies within a short period of time, contestants are given one fruit pie topped with whipped cream. Tying their hands behind their backs, the contestants then have one minute to consume as much of the pie as possible.

If you’re planning on having a drink whilst playing this game then take it easy – reduce the time by 30 seconds, or limit the amount of food available for people to eat.

Ghost stories


A great game to play towards the end of the night (for those still standing) is try to compete with one another to tell the scariest story! Story tellers can either go for something traditional like a haunted house story, or a little more modern (and gory!).

If you’re playing this game, the atmosphere is important. Turn off all the lights and light a single candle.

Ouija board


This adults-only game is sure to creep out even the bravest of participants. A board is really simple to make and even more simple to use, making it the perfect addition to any adult Halloween party.

Writing each letter of the alphabet on an individual scrap of paper, the letters are set out in a semi- or complete circle. Adding a smooth glass in the centre of the circle, each participant must place one finger on the glass. Ask a simple question, such as “is anybody out there?” and wait…

This game is truly not for the faint hearted! Some dispute the status of the Ouija board, with claimants from around the world suggesting that they have communicated with spirits while using the board, while others say it’s nothing short of nonsense…

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