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The official monster rating guide!

Posted on September 13, 2013 by admin

The nights are closing in earlier; there’s more than a distinct chill in the air; coats, hats and scarves are being brought out of the closet; yes, autumn is truly upon us and Halloween will be here soon!

Horror has made a huge comeback in recent years thanks to a range of movies, TV shows and literature, so choosing the right monster for your Halloween party is truly an important task which requires much thought and planning.

Looking for something scary, or prefer to keep it kooky? Love the gore factor, or maybe you prefer something a little more tame? With the official monster rating guide, discover the strengths, weaknesses and scare ratings of all of you favourite horror characters!

The Zombie


Strengths: The zombie is undead, so it’s pretty hard to kill. It’ll keep coming after you even if you chop its legs off, and they tend to come in large groups.

Weaknesses: The brain is the biggest weakness of the zombie, which is pretty ironic because zombies LOVE brains! They smell because of the whole rotting flesh thing, and they have absolutely no charisma making them less than charming dinner guests.

Scare factor: 8/10

The slow zombie may not pose the biggest risk, but with the new breed of fast, incredibly angry zombies making an emergence, they are now rather scary! The zombie is the perfect Halloween costume for people looking for something with lots of torn clothing and plenty of fake blood.

The Vampire


Strengths: The vampire is a brilliant conversationalist and is likely to lure you in with his charm. They’re usually rather attractive and wealthy too, meaning they have the ability to take over the world one soiree at a time.

Weaknesses: In order to attack, vampires have to gain your trust in order to get close enough. If you stay aware, or keep a selection of everyday objects like a bit of garlic, sharpened wood or the Sun around, they’re pretty useless.

Scare factor: 5/10

They can easily lure you in under false pretences which is never nice, but they’re not very scary. Though if there was a ‘sexy factor’, they’d win hands down! This makes them perfect for those looking to dress to impress at the local Halloween party!

The Werewolf


Strengths: Literal strength is one of the greatest attributes of the werewolf, as well as the fact that they’re really not easily killed.

Weaknesses: The transformation can leave the clothes they were wearing in tatters, and they tend to have anger issues when the change has come about.

Scare factor: 9/10

Sure, they might look like a large, fluffy pet, but if a werewolf comes running up to you you’ve got little chance of survival. Anyone looking to take on the were-look this Halloween needs to make sure they have a lot of time and patience for the fake hair!

The Witch


Strengths: Witches have the ability to make things happen using only the eyes of amphibians and a few bat limbs. They also have a lot of charisma, which is why they’re always part of a tight-knit coven.

Weaknesses: They’re the original “mean girls” and are happy to cast a spell on anyone that crosses their path thanks to an uncontrollable anger problem. Plus they’re not very attractive, given the green skin and warts.

Scare factor: 6/10

If you get on a witches bad side then you may have something to fear, but as long as you keep out of their way you have nothing to worry about. This monster is a great choice of costume for anyone looking to strike a little fear into anyone who has crossed them recently!

Images via:

1. Wikimedia Commons


2. Shawn Allen 

3. Wikimedia Commons

4. Kevin Dooley

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