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World Book Day fancy dress

World Book Day: Best costumes for boys Comments Off on World Book Day: Best costumes for boys

Posted on February 24, 2014 by admin


With just over a week to go before parents, teachers and kids will be celebrating their favourite fictional fancies, we’re taking a look at some great costume ideas for boys.

There are loads of simple and creative ideas that you can easily achieve. So if you’re looking for some fresh fiction ideas for boys’ costumes then let Fancy Dress Ball be your guide and check out these cool costume ideas…

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

 Image 1

Recreate everybody’s favourite cheeky dinner guest from Judith Kerr’s beloved children’s book The Tiger Who Came to tea. You don’t necessarily need a tiger costume to achieve this look, just some orange pyjamas, some fabric paint and some face paint should do the trick!

The Guffalo

Image 2

The most feared creature of the forest is another great costume that’s fairly simple to achieve. If you’re a creative type who loves a bit of crafting, this Gruffalo costume can easily be put together with just the right amount of felt and imagination!

Bert from Mary Poppins

Image 3

Oh it’s a jolly holiday with Mary! Drawing inspiration from Dick Van Dyke’s costume from Disney’s film adaptation of PL Travers’ beloved novel Mary Poppins, this character is instantly recognisable. Using a straw hat, bow-tie and ribbon you can create this cute, colourful costume.

Max from Where the Wild Things Are

Image 4

First published in 1963, Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are still remains as one of the most popular children’s book today. This costume for protagonist Max can be created using a onesie, pyjamas and a little creativity for the crown and tail!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Image 5

Yet another classic character is The Very Hungry Caterpillar from Eric Carle’s 1969 children’s picture book. There are loads of different ways to create this costume, but this great example uses a long green tunic and paper mache to recreate our favourite caterpillar!

Got some inspired costume for World Book Day? Why not head over to our Facebook page and share your ideas!

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20 Amazing World Book Day Costumes for your Kids Comments Off on 20 Amazing World Book Day Costumes for your Kids

Posted on January 23, 2013 by admin

World Book Day is fast approaching, so it’s time we all start planning for our world book day costumes for our kids on the big day!

We’ve pulled together 20 of the best costumes – 10 girls, 10 boys – for you and your child to make the perfect choice on the 7th March, so have a look through and let us know your favourite!

1.       Harry Potter deluxe school robe

Wingardium leviosa! Levitate your child to the top of the class by sending him to school in a Harry Potter costume!

2.       Joseph children’s costume

Take it back to the sacred times of baby Jesus and dress your child up as Joseph on World Book Day. It’s an excellent and affordable choice for the big day.

3.       Child Horrid Henry costume

Horrid Henry has made a bit of name for himself – so much so that he’s a popular choice for children’s costumes in March every year.

4.       Oompa Loompa factory worker children’s costume

It’s hard to not recognise the Oompa Loompa, no matter how old you are. It’ll be hard to recognise your own child in this convincing outfit from the Wizard of Oz!

5.       Lil’ Hobo costume

If your lil’ man feels like dossing it at school for a day, kit him out in this lil’ hobo costume! It comes complete with the bow tie and hankerchief!

6.       Deluxe Robin Hood/Peter Pan boy costume

Who wouldn’t want a costume that doubles up as two great characters from years gone by?! In the morning, he can be archer vigilante Robin Hood, in the afternoon, he can transform into the magical wunderkind Peter Pan!

7.       Where’s Wally children’s costume

Where’s Wally is where it’s at. This is a very popular costume that will sell out quick, so make sure you find out who your lad wants to be before it’s too late.

8.       Dennis the Menace children’s costume

The little boy in you might make you want to dress up as Dennis the Menace yourself, but this is strictly for kids only…sorry dads!

9.       Sherlock Holmes boy costume

If he fancies himself as a bit of a detective at school, this is the ideal costume for him. Sherlock Holmes never fails to impress.

10.   Poor Victorian boy children’s costume

Talk about roughing it. Take your boy back to the Victorian times to teach him just how they used to live and dress – there are no football shirts in sight here!

11.   Alice costume

Alice is the perfect choice for every little girl who just wants to dream a little! This classic costume is bound to make her the cutest in the class!

12.   Children’s Mary costume

To match the boys’ Joseph costume, this Mary costume is the perfect choice for a World Book Day with a religious theme.

13.   Harry Potter Gryffindor children’s robe

Harry Potter is still taking the world by storm and that shows in the quality of this Gryffindor costume. Make it a magical day for your little girl with this one!

14.   Where’s Wally Wenda girls’ costume

Where’s Wally isn’t himself without wee Wenda. Complete with the classic round-framed glasses, this costume is sure to make an impact at school on the 7th March.

15.   Dorothy children’s costume

Every girl has got to dress up as Dorothy at some point in their childhood, so perhaps this is the one for your child.

16.   Miss Muffet children’s costume

Miss Muffet is the perfect choice if your little girl wants to scare the boys off with that gigantic spider on her dress!

17.   Child Juliet costume

If she fancies herself as a bit of a romantic, this Juliet costume has to be the costume of choice for your girl.

18.   World War II girls evacuee costume

This is one of the most popular children’s costumes at this time of year. The World War II costume will get her in the mood to learn a bit more about the trouble and strife of our predecessors.

19.   Posh Victorian girl children’s costume

Going a couple more generations back, we get to the Victorian costumes. This posh outfit will have her speaking in RP before the school day ends!

20.   Child Belle classic Disney costume

Every little girl wants to be Belle. This delightfully cute yellow dress costume will have all the beastly boys at school chasing her round the playground.

Top Kids Costumes for 2013! Comments Off on Top Kids Costumes for 2013!

Posted on January 08, 2013 by admin

We all dress up because we’re all kids, everyone knows that. But when it comes to genuine kids costumes for our own little ones, it’s fair to say that some of us get even more excited!

2013 is set to be a great year for children and fancy dress, especially in March with World Book Day in the UK and Ireland (now only eight weeks away!). Here we take a look at some of the best costumes for children out there:

Deluxe Robin Hood boy costume

Every little lad wants to be Robin Hood. Whether it’s for a birthday party or a school celebration like World Book Day, this is perfect to put a smile on every boy’s face. What’s more, it also doubles up as a brilliant Peter Pan costume!

Deluxe Dorothy children’s costume

If Robin Hood is a little lad’s dream, the Dorothy costume is just right for the girls! We can’t provide wee Toto to sit by her side, but the costume is sure to take everyone back to the nostalgia of the Wizard of Oz!

Where’s Wally children’s costume

One of classic costumes for all ages, Where’s Wally is always a winner. This officially licenced costume is the ideal choice for World Book Day for your boy.

Where’s Wally Wenda girls’ costume

The character is not just restricted to boys, either, as we have this brilliant girls’ costume of the same ilk. Upset the apple cart and send an unexpected Where’s Wenda to school on World Book Day!

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