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The Top 10 Spookiest Destinations Comments Off on The Top 10 Spookiest Destinations

Posted on October 20, 2014 by Karl Young

As Halloween approaches Fancy dress Ball has searched the darkest corners of the UK to bring you our Top 10 Spookiest Destinations…

Pluckley, Kent


Pluckley in Kent is often cited as the most haunted places in the UK with hundreds of reports of ghostly apparitions sighted. One of the most famous of the ghostly residents is the ‘Watercress Lady’, an impoverished old woman who sold watercress at the Crossroads Bridge centuries ago. One day after spilling some of her favoured tipple, gin on to herself she was engulfed by flames as a spark from her pipe lit her clothes alight. She died still haunts the bridge to this day, selling her watercress…

Aldwych Station, London


This disused tube station is now used as a visitor attraction and filming location but was once a fully functioning station. During World War Two it was sued as an Air Raid shelter and would be packed full of scared Londoners seeking refuge form the bombing above. There’s something strangely eerie about the station and we for one, would not like to be stuck overnight in those dimly lit corridors…

Culloden Moor, Inverness


The Scottish moor is famously the place where so many Scottish rebels died during the Battle of Culloden Moor. The area is littered with commemorative stones with names of the clans who lost entire generations during the battle, testament to its gruesome past. Visitors have recalled seeing battling soldiers in the mist and even hearing ghostly bagpipes in the wind overnight. If you thought Glasgow was scary on a Friday night, try this historic battleground.

German Militairy Underground Hospital, Guernsey


During World War Two, occupying German forces on Guernsey forced prisoners to build this hospital fortress in to the rock. Built underground to avoid detection from the air, the Nazi hospital covers 7000 square metres. The harsh stonewall corridors serve as a timely reminder of the sacrifice and harsh conditions of the slave workers who built it and the often forgotten occupation of Guernsey by the German Army.

Pendle Hill, Lancashire


This hill in the Lancashire countryside is famously the execution site of 10 women accused of witchcraft in the seventeenth century. A house, believed to be one of the witch’s home was recently uncovered at the base of the hill. When excavators investigated it, a cat’s skeleton was found bricked in to a wall…With the curses of the Pendle witches still hanging over the area, it makes for one creepy Halloween destination.

Fyvie Castle, Aberdeenshire


‘The Green Lady’, ghost of Dame Lillian Drummond, the Lady of the castle who was starved to death by her cruel husband has been spotted at the house for over 250 years. She is said to have carved her name in to the window sill of the room her husband as he slept with his new wife on the night that she died. The current manager of the castle, which now serves as a tourist attraction, lives on the top floor and has seen her ghostly figure at the bottom of his bed. You’d have to be brave to spend a night here.

Drakelow Tunnels, Worcestershire


This network of tunnels was built underground in Worcestershire during the Cold War as a hiding hole in the case of a nuclear war. Six people died during the building and visitors have reported feeling their presence in the dark tunnels. The caretaker of the tunnels won’t venture in alone now after being pushed from his ladder by an unknown force and who can blame him?

Crumlin Road Jail, Belfast


The only thing scarier than a full prison is an empty prison. This Victorian building home to some of Northern Ireland’s worst criminals for over 150 years holds tours throughout the building including a visit to the prison’s Condemned Room, where the many man who were executed there spent their last days.

Edinburgh Vaults, Edinburgh


As you can tell, dark tunnels really freak us out and this Edinburgh landmark is probably the pick of the bunch.  The vaults sit underneath the city’s South Bridge and after housing small business like cobblers and blacksmiths earlier in their history, became a renowned slum with theft and murder commonplace. The situation got so bad that they were filled in with rubble a couple of hundred years ago before being rediscovered and opened to the public in the 1990s. You can visit them to this day to relive the horror of the slums they once were.

Castell Coch, Cardiff


The picturesque castle nestled in the forest outside Cardiff looks by day as if it was plucked right out of a fairy-tale but the night hints at a darker past. Visions of the Dame Griffiths who lost her son in the grounds when he drowned in a pit of water, his body never found, are part of the folklore as well as hidden treasure in tunnels underneath the building. We’d love to go on a day visit, but we’ll make sure we head of before night to avoid any ghostly meetings.

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