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Superheroes vs. Supervillians Comments Off on Superheroes vs. Supervillians

Posted on February 23, 2013 by admin



It’s the 45th anniversary of the original Superman: The Movie this year and with the brand new Man of Steel set for release 13th June, it’s time to celebrate the all-American hero with a fancy dress party. The theme? Superheroes vs. Supervillians.

Anyone looking to fight for what is right will naturally want to take up superhero status. Just because Hollywood makes all the superheroes men, does not mean the ladies have to miss out!

Supergirl is a must for fans of the caped crusader, while Miss Captain America is perfect for any Avenger fans out there.

Of course there is always the original super lady in the form of Wonder Woman for anyone with the hair big enough to pull off the look.

Not all women are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, though, so for someone feeling a little naughty, the supervillian route is the only choice for them.

Ms Freddy Krueger is the stuff of nightmares, while the Wicked Witch might not look too scary, but a few choice words and it’s all over.

Just make sure Cruella de Ville isn’t let anywhere near the hot dogs – who knows what she’d do to them.

For men, Superman has always been the classic choice, even more so this year. If your mates already picked up the Superman look, though, it’s still possible to be part of the Justice League. Batman gets more women anyway and Green Lantern’s costume is maybe even cooler.

The Joker is the ultimate supervillian and a must for any faceoff between the do-gooders and the do-what-I-wanters. Michael Myers is perfect for anyone wanting to play the ‘silent mysterious’ type, or you can remind the girls that, actually, vampires don’t sparkle, they’re really terrifying. Sort of.

There are loads of superhero costumes to choose from, so let’s get to saving the world.

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