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Batman V Superman… It’s Coming! Comments Off on Batman V Superman… It’s Coming!

Posted on March 23, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball

Batman Vs Superman

It’s the movie we’ve all been waiting for. Everyone loves a good superhero – so two in one film is almost too exciting! The movie is released later this week and we cannot wait. In celebration of what’s likely to be the movie event of the year (for us at least), we’ve been hunting down some fun facts about the movie…


  • Apparently Ben Affleck went to Christian Bale to ask him for advice playing Batman… unfortunately, Bale’s only advice involved ensuring he was able to go to the toilet whilst in costume!
  • When a rough cut of the movie was shown to Warner Bros executives they were so impressed they gave it a standing ovation, and immediately began negotiations to get Ben Affleck to sign for three more Batman movies!
  • Ben Affleck apparently asked if he could take the Batman suit home after the film wrapped. He was told yes, but it would cost him $100,000… he opted to have a photo taken with it instead!
  • This will be the first live action movie to feature Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together. Excited? Us?
  • The film also includes The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg
  • The Batman suit is made of cloth, removing all armour that has been in previous incarnations – they wanted it to be clear that this Batman’s power comes from his physical strength rather than armour and gadgets.
  • Batman and Superman have appeared together before; in 1952 they teamed up in Superman comic #72, when Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent shared a cabin on a cruise ship while attempting to catch a diamond thief and keep Lois Lane from guessing their identities.
  • Since 1943, Batman has been portrayed by eight actors in eleven live-action movies or serials. Superman has appeared in ten live-action movies, portrayed by only five actors.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re about to embark on a Batman/Superman marathon – can we watch all eleven Batman movies and all ten Superman movies before the movie hits the cinema?

Bonfire Night Costumes to Keep Warm Comments Off on Bonfire Night Costumes to Keep Warm

Posted on November 02, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

bonfire night costumes to keep warm

Halloween is over for this year… but Bonfire Night is just around the corner!

With all the blood and guts of Halloween cleared up and put away for another year, Bonfire Night is another fantastic opportunity to show your fancy dress capabilities. Where we tend to dress to scare on Halloween, Bonfire Night is more about just having fun – but also keeping warm!

If you’re going to a bonfire event, you’ll want to make sure you don’t freeze your toes off! We’ve our fingers crossed for a dry night, but it’s still likely to be fairly chilly!

Here are some ideas for costumes that will allow you to stay warm:

A Mummy!

You can wrap yourself up all warm and cosy, and then just wrap bandages (or toilet roll) around yourself on top. Warm and toasty all evening long!

A Pirate

Pirates sailed the seven seas in trousers, boots, pouffy white shirts (good for wearing layers underneath) and jackets! Perfect outfit for standing about for a bonfire event.

A Zombie

Everyone loves a zombie, right? The brilliant thing abou being a zombie is that a person might have wrapped up warm for an evening at a bonfire party, with gloves and everything – and then been bitten by a zombie and become one themselves!

A Doctor/Surgeon

Doctors tend to wear loose-fitting scrubs and/or a white coat – you can wear layers underneath to keep warm!

A Onesie

Ok, so a onesie is not technically a fancy dress costume – but most onesies are characters like a bear, a crocodile or a cow. If you have one in a larger size you can wear a layer or two underneath.

A Superhero

Superheroes tend to dress in skintight lycra outfits… but the thing about lycra is that it’s stretchy – so you can probably stretch it over a pair of tights and a thermal top!

If you’re dressing up for Bonfire Night events this week, don’t forget to share your photos on our Facebook page!



London Marathon Fancy Dress Ideas Comments Off on London Marathon Fancy Dress Ideas

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

london marathon fancy dress


As if running one of the most popular marathons in the world weren’t enough, lots of people opt to do it in fancy dress – something we applaud wholeheartedly. Not only is it commendable to run such a distance at all, but in fancy dress it is probably a little harder – and looks a lot better!

The trick with running such a long distance in fancy dress is to choose an outfit that’s not too bulky or heavy, and preferably as close to your normal running kit as possible… or at least something you can wear your normal running kit under. Here are our top picks:


The obvious choice, don’t you think? You might end up having to break a hole in the face to allow better air access, but being skintight, something like this shouldn’t hamper your running efforts too much – and if you choose a funny character one, should be quite amusing for spectators and other runners!


There’s just something about running around with a cape billowing out behind you, don’t you think? Again, a lot of superhero costumes are fairly tight so won’t get in your way – and if you wanted, you could wear just the cape with your normal running gear underneath.

A Marathon Runner

Durr, yes, we know if you’re running the London Marathon you’re already technically a marathon runner – but this costume is so easy to wear over existing running gear! Aside from the bright red heels, which you might find a little hard to run in, the rest of the outfit makes a pretty good marathon fancy dress costume!

A Zombie

Well, you know how we love zombies! Not necessarily the most practical of costumes, but we just love the idea of a sea of people running over London Bridge with a zombie or two running after their brains! The beauty of this costume is that you can do as much or as little as you want – full face of makeup, crazy outfit, or just some fake blood and effects over your existing running kit.

A Lego Man

Ok, hands up, this is probably the least practical marathon fancy dress outfit there is – but it’s the one most likely to get you chatting to one of the BBC reporters on your way round, if that’s your thing! You’re also likely to end up in several newspapers’ “great fancy dress outfits from the London Marathon” features the following day. If you want to get your (lego) face in the paper, this is the fancy dress costume for you!


If you’re running the London Marathon this year, good luck! Enjoy the incredible atmosphere of one of the most popular, prestigious races on Earth – an awesome day out, whether you’re in fancy dress or not!

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