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It’s Star Wars Day Comments Off on It’s Star Wars Day

Posted on May 04, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball


Today is Star Wars Day… May the “4th” be with you!

Star Wars Day has been a thing ever since the Internet allowed Star Wars fans across the world to unite, and has been a grassroots tradition among fans.

Lucasfilm and now Disney have embraced the idea of Star Wars Day. Other companies related to the franchise often offer discounts and giveaways on Star Wars Day too. Keep an eye on #StarWarsDay for information and ideas.

Check out this video of last year’s celebrity motorcade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

Star Wars Day is a fantastic opportunity for a little Star Wars fancy dress. And if you’re feeling a little more creative, check out these ideas on Pinterest. And here are 25 ways to celebrate Star Wars Day!

If you’re celebrating Star Wars Day today, don’t forget to share a photo with us on our Facebook page!

World Book Night: Five Top Costumes Comments Off on World Book Night: Five Top Costumes

Posted on April 20, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

world book night costume


This Thursday 23rd April is World Book Night. This is an annual celebration of reading where volunteers all over the UK hand out thousands of free books to people in their community. Unlike World Book Day, this is a more grown-up affair aimed at encouraging adults to read more.

So, which character will you choose to dress as? Here are our five favourite costumes for World Book Night…


1. The Wicked Witch of the West

Everyone thinks of the Wicked Witch of the West as being from The Wizard of Oz – which she was, originally –  but Wicked: The Live and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West was published in 1995, and has since been made into a hit musical. The trick to being recognised as the Wicked Witch of the West, as opposed to any other witch, is the green skin.


2. Darth Vader

We know the films are incredibly famous, but there is also a series of books and graphic novels – and one is named The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader. Only a real die-hard Star Wars fan will have read all the books though – but who could pass up a chance to be Darth Vader for the night?


3. Snow White

Before Walt Disney got his hands on her, Snow White was a well-loved story book character, originating from a German fairy tale. She first appeared in Grimm’s Fairy Tales in 1812 – however the dwarves were not given names until the story was made into a Broadway play in 1912, and then Disney gave them different names when they released their iconic cartoon of the story in 1937.


4. Captain Hook

Peter Pan’s archenemy might be best known for his representations on screen, but he originally came to life in the pages of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow up published in 1904. Hook is famously followed relentlessly by the crocodile who ate his hand (cut off by Peter Pan), but the ticking clock it has swallowed always alerts Hook to its presence. If you’re going to do this costume right, you should get a toy crocodile to “follow” you around.

5. Tinker Bell

As with Hook, Tinker Bell first came to lift as a character in JM Barrie’s Peter Pan book. In the book, it is explained that a fairy’s size prevents her from having one feeling at a time – and she is sometimes ill-tempered, spoilt, jealous and vindictive.


Whatever you are doing this World Book Night, make sure it involves a book!

Police are called to calm feuding sci-fi fans Comments Off on Police are called to calm feuding sci-fi fans

Posted on May 17, 2013 by admin

Star Wars fans can get pretty passionate about their favourite sci-fi series, but who would have thought they’d ever take things a little too far?

This week in Norfolk, police had to be called when there was trouble at a science fiction convention when an argument sparked up between two rivaling fan clubs.

Dressed up as their favourite sci-fi characters, members of the Norwich Sci-Fi Club were allegedly attempting to gain entry to a Star Wars convention – ran by the Norwich Star Wars Club – which was being held at the University of East Anglia.

The two clubs have reportedly had a rivalry for a number of years, according to ITV, and tensions were already at a height thanks to allegations that the Sci-Fi Club had undermined the planned convention on Facebook and Twitter.

Things came to a head after a member of the Sci-Fi Club asked for an autograph from Graham Cole, who played a variety of un-credited roles in the Dr Who series.

An assault by one of the costumed fans was reported to the police, who arrived on the scene at 2.30pm to calm things down. Thankfully, no further action was needed.

Speaking to ITV, a Norfolk police spokesperson said: “After a lengthy investigation, talking to witnesses and reviewing good CCTV footage, it was confirmed that there was no assault.

“Two rival groups were spoken to and advised to keep out of each other’s way.”

After the incident, both clubs have agreed that it won’t happen again and they hope to be civil in the future.

If you’re planning on going to a sci-fi convention soon, dressed up in your favourite Star Wars costume, there’s plenty to choose from. Don’t get into a scrap, though.

A Stag Do with a Dark Side Comments Off on A Stag Do with a Dark Side

Posted on August 22, 2012 by admin

Struggling to come up with ideas for a stag do? Well, we have just thing for you, chaps.

Nothing goes down a storm in the same way as a bunch of Stormtroopers on a stag do. Picture it: a fearsome (and armoured) group of some of the most intimidating characters of all time, stumbling out of pub after pub in an English city centre.

Getting served at the bar will be a doddle in a Stormtrooper costume and you can expect to be the centre of many people’s attention and the target of many a camera lens. Who knows, you might even find yourself tagged in a few random photos on Facebook the morning after, but one thing’s for certain: you’ll want to be a Stormtrooper at home, at work and everywhere you go after an epic stag do like this.

Now, to make this scene even more epic, you could kit the stag out in none other than a Darth Vader costume. Vader is the epitome of intimidation – even more intimidating, of course, than a Stormtrooper – so he never fails to draw the eye in a public place.

With these costumes, you can really make this a stag do to remember, not just for you and your mates, but for everybody who happens to see you on the night out!

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