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St Patrick’s Day make-up

Fantastic St Patrick’s Day Costumes Comments Off on Fantastic St Patrick’s Day Costumes

Posted on March 16, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

s Day Fancy Dress


Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, when we all traditionally remember our Irish roots – however distant or imagined!  St Patrick’s Day is the Irish national day, but since Irish people have emigrated to countries all over the globe. it’s an international celebration. Here are 5 great costume ideas:

1. Leprechaun
Well, obviously! A leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore, known for being mischievous. Leprechauns are usually depicted wearing a green jacket and hat, often with a large brass buckle.  A leprechaun is a great choice for St Patrick’s Day Fancy Dress as you’re expected to be up to mischief and giggling  – perfect for lots of fun!


2. A Pint of the Black Stuff
If there’s one thing we associate with Ireland, it’s black Irish stout (mentioning no brand names). It’s often said you won’t get a proper pint of the black stuff outside of Ireland, where it will take several minutes to pour. Outside of Ireland, Irish people are forever telling bar staff where they’re going wrong! Why not dress as a pint, and delight in showing everyone just how much you know about Irish stout!


3. A Smart Suit
Why not buck the trend of silly, over-sized hats and go for something a little more classy? We love this Oppo Suit because it allows you to get into the spirit of celebrations without going too overboard – and whilst retaining a certain element of style you would find it hard to keep whilst dressed as a tiny green leprechaun!


4. Green Wig
If full St Patrick’s Day fancy dress is a little much for you on a Tuesday evening, why not just opt for a comedy green wig, and perhaps some novelty shades? You’re dressed up enough to gain entry to the party, but it’s minimal effort and fuss – and more importantly, won’t get in the way of a drink!


5. Green!
In massive contrast to Number 4, the option for those who don’t reall want to get into it, we present the option for someone who really wants to get into the spirit of the celebration! Buy some face and body paint (you might need more than one pot) and paint to your heart’s content. Wear whatever outfit takes your fancy, and accessorise with comedy hats, novelty sunglasses, wigs, whatever you fancy. You’ll definitely be the highlight of the St Patrick’s Day evening!

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style… Comments Off on Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style…

Posted on March 14, 2014 by admin


Everyone’s favourite emerald themed holiday is here once again. This year St Patrick’s Day falls on Monday 17th March, so if you’re planning on celebrating our Irish neighbours’ holiday in style, then we’ve got some fantastic hair and make-up tips with a holiday-themed twist!

St Patrick’s Day eye-shadow

If you’re partying after work on Monday, but you want a great look to wow your co-workers (or you don’t have much time to spend on your make up) then this fantastic tutorial by Emma Pickles to create a shimmering green style that looks fab during the day and glamorous in the evening.

Shimmering emerald eyes


If you’ve got a little more time to spend, and you fancy being even more creative (and eye-catching) with your make up, why not create this shimmering look using a number of different shades of green and a small amount of a glitter.

Fluttery feather eyelashes


Alternatively, you might like to choose a much bolder look using a selection of emerald and gold shimmering shadows and false eyelashes.

St Patrick’s Day nail art


Whether you’re looking for ways to finish off your St Patrick’s Day outfit, or if you just want to create a subtle look with some creative nail art, then these St Patrick’s Day nails will really work a (lucky) charm!

St Patrick’s Day hair


Depending on how committed you are to celebrating St Patrick’s Day then you might want to consider opting for an emerald tint to your hair. Alternatively, you can throw on a green wig, and resume to your natural hair colour the following day.

Got some great ideas for this year’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations? Share them over on our Facebook page.

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