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The ultimate guide to your Spring Break party Comments Off on The ultimate guide to your Spring Break party

Posted on March 28, 2014 by admin


The end of March is fast approaching and with spring and summer well on the way, the warm sunny weather can’t be that far behind. If you’re looking for ways to get into the sunshine spirit this spring, then why not consider throwing a beach party?

Beach buffet

Image 1

Whether you’re serving food, drinks or just nibbles, this beach themed buffet table is a great way to give your party a summery feel. Using a brightly coloured table cloth, fairy lights and colourful plastic cups and plates, you can easily achieve this bright buffet!

Under the sea jellyfish

Image 2

If you’re creative and crafty then these kooky jellyfish decorations are a fun to make and a great way to transform your home into beach-side resort! Using paper plates, streamers, ribbons and a bit of crafty talent, you’ll have some great decorations in no time!

Beach party… This way!

Image 3

If you need to point your guests in the right direction, then why not create an authentically weathered beach sign? All you need to create your sign is an old piece of plywood and some paint!

Indoor and outdoor parties

Image 4

Got a garden and the warm weather on your side? Then why not throw your beach party outside! Using deck chairs, picnic tables and a few beach balls, you can recreate the seaside in your backyard.

 Image 5

Struggling for space in your back yard or contending with cold and rainy weather? Then bring the beach indoors and transform your living room into a five-star beach resort! Once again, a few buckets and spades and inflatable palm trees can provide an instant tropical beachfront!

Paddling pool beer cooler

Image 6

Keep your beers and soft drinks cool with this inventive cooler! Simply fill a small inflatable paddling pool with ice and your refreshments, and your guests can help themselves to an ice-cold drink throughout the party!

Get the beach party look

Hawaii party

Get into the summer spirit and throw on your favourite beach clothes. From Bermuda shorts to sarongs, a chilled out beach party means anything goes. You can even add a lei or a grass skirt if you’re going for more of a Hawaiian themed bash!

Check out this great make up tutorial by Casanchez18 for achieving the perfect on-the-beach make-up.

Image 7

Finish off your summer party look with some fab beach themed nails!

Thinking of throwing a beach party of your own? Share your ideas over on our Facebook page.

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