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Roald Dahl Day

Let’s Celebrate Roald Dahl! Comments Off on Let’s Celebrate Roald Dahl!

Posted on September 03, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball



When you look back to your childhood, it’s hard to imagine without the books of Roald Dahl, isn’t it? Whether your favourite was George’s Marvellous Medicine, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or perhaps The Twits, the books and their many characters definitely stand the test of time. His first full length book, James and the Giant Peach, was published in 1961!

Roald Dahl was born in September, so each year this month is a celebration of his life and works. There are lots of different celebrations going on, centring around his birthday, the 13th September – which is the official Roald Day. One of the most exciting celebrations is the Dahlicious Dress Up Day, which is now in its fourth year and is celebrated on the 26th September. This year is the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so celebrations are bound to have a chocolatey feel!


Dahlicious Dress Up Day is a great way to get children into being creative and dressing up as their favourite Roald Dahl character, with the idea that each child makes a small donation to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity. But you don’t have to be children to get involved – we can all dress up! So, which fantastic character will you choose?

The Twits

Roald Dahl The Twits

First published in 1980, this is a timeless classic – with some great characters to dress up as! Mr and Mrs Twit are described as hideous and nasty; they hate each other and often play nasty tricks on each other (remember Mrs Twit putting her fake eye into Mr Twit’s drink?). They also torture their pet Muggle Wumps in the hope of starting their own monkey circus, and the Roly-Poly bird also features in this book (as well as many others).

Mr Twit is described as having spiky, hard hair that covers most of his face; his beard often holds scraps of food that he saves for later

Mrs Twit is described as hideously ugly and menacing; she used to be beautiful, but this was ruined by her constant horrible thoughts. She has a glass eye which she uses to play cruel practical jokes on people (mostly Mr Twit). She also carries a walking stick, which she uses mostly to hit children and animals.

Muggle-Wump is a character who appears in several of Dahl’s books. In this book, he appears alongside his family, the muggle-wumps. They’re monkey-like creatures, but there is little further description of them in the books – so you can either look at one of Quentin Blake’s amazing illustrations, or employ your own artistic license!


Roald Dahl The BGF



Ahh, who doesn’t love this book! Written for his granddaughter Sophie (the famous model/author, Sophie Dahl), this is the story of a little orphan called Sophie who can’t sleep one night, and looks out of the window, spying a giant who then scoops her up and takes her  his home in Giant Country.

As it turns out, the BFG is the only friendly giant among several mean and unfriendly giants who eat people. He collects good dreams and blows them into children’s bedrooms at night. Eventually he and Sophie go to the Queen of England and persuade her to help capture the unfriendly, people-eating giants.

This book has so many characters you could dress up as: there’s obviously Sophie or the BFG with his massive ears, but also several of the bad giants such as The Fleshlumpeater or The Childchewer. Why not grab a copy of the book and read the descriptions for some great ideas? Of course, the Queen is also featured in this book – but that one might be a little easy!


Fantastic Mr Fox

download (3)

This book was made into a film not so long ago, but in our opinion you can’t beat the pictures Dahl’s descriptions conjure up in your head.

Fantastic Mr Fox about Mr Fox and his family, who live beneath a tree. He visits local farms in order to feed his family; the farms are owned by the nasty and unpleasant farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean. After the evil farmers try to dig up Mr Fox’s home, he hatches a plan to steal all of the farmers’ wares and have a new large underground neighbourhood.

There are great characters in this book; you could dress up as Mr or Mrs Fox, or perhaps one of the farmers; as always, Dahl’s offers fantastic descriptions of the disgusting, evil farmers.


The Enormous Crocodile



The Enormous Crocodile is a fantastic children’s book: an enormous crocodile goes through the jungle, telling all the animals he meets along the way that he’s going to eat children. The animals tell him not to, but he tries any way – so every time he tries to eat the children, the animals save the children. Eventually, the elephant kills the crocodile by picking him up by his tail and swinging him around and around and sending him flying off into the sun.

Muggle-Wump, who was in The Twits, also features in this book – so if you dress as him, you can cover two books with one costume!

This is a great book for younger children to read, as it’s in the format of a picture book (with illustrations by Quentin Blake) and doesn’t have too many words. Children will love the idea of dressing up as the Enormous Crocodile, or perhaps Trunky the Elephant who ultimately saves the day.

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