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Fancy a Round of Pub Golf? Comments Off on Fancy a Round of Pub Golf?

Posted on April 29, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

pub golf fancy dress

If you’re heading off for a round of pub golf, then you really do need to invest in some pub golf fancy dress! But first of all, let’s just make sure we all know how to play the game, shall we?

In order to play pub golf, you need to select either nine or eighteen pubs – each pub is a “hole” on your golf course. Pub golf is basically a pub crawl – there is no ball, no five iron, and most probably no grass. It’s more organised than your standard pub crawl though – you decide on the “holes” before you begin – and also on the designated drink and par number.

For example, you might have hole 8 – par 5 – pint of lager.

This would mean that in the eighth pub you visit, you must order a pint of lager and drink it in five gulps.

In each bar you mark on your scorecard how many gulps you took to finish your drink. For every gulp over the par number, you receive another score mark – so in our example, if a person finishes their pint in six gulps, they get a +1 on their scorecard.

The aim of the game is to reach the eighteenth hole with the lowest score of all your friends.

There are of course variations on the game, including special rules for birthdays, holes with a water hazard, meaning nobody can use the toilets while there, and other such hilarity. There are also often penalties for things like spilling a drink or falling over.

For full details, there’s a handy website called Pub Golf Guide that can help you to organise your event.

It is generally required that if you are enjoying a round of pub golf, you should look the part. All the best pub golf rounds require that participants dress up. For one thing, this distinguishes pub golfers from random people in the pub who are just being a bit funny about how they drink their drinks!  You can go for a standard golfing costume if you like, but for a lot of people, if you’re going to the effort of wearing a pub golf fancy dress costume – then you may as well go to the effort! Our favourite is this zombie golfer – because as the night goes on, the drinking can only add to your (already amazing) zombie shuffle!

Have you had a pub golf event recently? If so, we’d love to see some photos! Why not come and share them on our Facebook page?


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