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Back to the 70s: A Guide for Men Comments Off on Back to the 70s: A Guide for Men

Posted on May 11, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

BAck to the 70s

Who doesn’t love the 1970s? Charlie’s Angels, rotary phones that you used to make¬†actual phone calls, Jaws, The Brady Bunch… ahh, the good old days! What do you mean, you don’t remember because you weren’t born until 1979? Shh! Whether you were there or not, the 1970s is a really fun decade to dress up as. Here are our top choices for a 1970s fancy dress costume…

 A Pimp

If there’s one thing that screams 1970s, it’s the ’70s pimp look. Hat, ridiculous shoes, velvet suit, animal print, stick, daft jewellry. What’s not to love? American rappers have been bringing this look back in recent years, but it originated in the 1970s and is an iconic look if you have the guts to pull it off!

Saturday Night Fever

Ah-ah-ah-ah, Stayin’Alive! Think of the 1970s, and what do you come up with? John Travolta in a white suit is probably fairly close to the top of the list! We’ve got the costume sorted; all you need to do is practise walking in ridiculous platforms… oh, and dancing. You need to be able to dance really well for this one!


Black leather, black and white face paint, lots of sticking your tongue out, what’s not to love! Everyone loves Kiss and there’s a good reason for that – they’re awesome! Not only are their songs really great, but they’re great fun to dress up as too. All you need to do is study how they paint their faces, and learn the words to “Rock and Roll All Nite”


If there’s one thing about the 1970s everyone loves, it’s the kids’ TV. It was all a bit psychedelic and mad, wasn’t it – and none more so than Rainbow. Originally meant to be the British answer to Sesame Street, Rainbow proved to be all together more bonkers and surreal, with a pink hippo, a massive talking bear and, of course, Zippy. Chuck in Rod, Jane and Freddy singing their crazy songs, and you’ve got a winning formula. If you’re going to go to your party as Zippy, you’ll need to practise being rude. To everyone. All the time. Can you manage that?

Evel Kinevel

Evel Kinevel was every school kid’s hero in the 1970s. Described as one of the greatest icons of the 70s, Kinevel was famous for doing ridiculous, daredevil stunts. In his career he attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps and in 1974, there was the failed jump across Snake River Canyon in a rocket. Evel Kinevel is in the Guinness Book of Records for the “most bones broken in a lifetime” having fractured a whopping 433 bones before his death in 2007. This is a great one to dress up as because it’ll bring back so many awesome memories for other party goers!



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