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Working on Bank Holiday Monday? Let’s Make It More Fun! Comments Off on Working on Bank Holiday Monday? Let’s Make It More Fun!

Posted on May 30, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball



working bank holiday monday

Remember when you were at school, and a bank holiday meant a day off? These days so many of us seem to end up working on a bank holiday, which is pretty rubbish.

Here are some ways you can make your bank holiday day at work a little more fun…

  • There’s always someone who manages to get the day off for Bank Holiday Monday; that makes it open season for pranks! Cover their desk in sticky notes; encase their stapler in jelly; move the letters on their keyboard. For a more long-term prank, pour cress seeds into their keyboard while all the keys are off. This video shows you how to change their keyboard letters:
  • Before you leave, duct tape an air horn to the wall behind the door. When your colleagues come in tomorrow morning, they’ll open the door, activate the air horn and jump out of their skins! Even better, tape the air horn to the bottom of someone’s office chair so that it goes off when they sit down!
  • Go out at lunch and buy several packets of balloons. Blow them up and fill a meeting room or toilet cubicle with them!
  • Empty the hole punch onto someone’s desk/chair/in-tray (basically anywhere; those things are so irritating!)
  • Move every piece of furniture one inch to the left. People won’t notice it to begin with, but they’ll be bumping into things all day!
  • Buy an industrial-sized pack of cling film, and wrap everything in sight. Or you could use wrapping paper – but that’s a little too easy to remove, right?
  • If you’ve a copier in the office, change the settings so that it copies everything at 100% – or 20%!
  • Stick tape over the bottom of everyone’s mouse so that it won’t work
  • A great game to play among your co-workers while you’re stuck at work on a bank holiday Monday is to choose a movie (Star Wars is always good) and see how many times you can mention characters or places from it when serving customers or just generally through the day. For tips, check out this legendary weather report from Sian Welby:

If you’re stuck at work today and find a clever way to pass the time, make sure you share your ideas with us on our Facebook page!

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