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Bonfire Night Costumes to Keep Warm Comments Off on Bonfire Night Costumes to Keep Warm

Posted on November 02, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

bonfire night costumes to keep warm

Halloween is over for this year… but Bonfire Night is just around the corner!

With all the blood and guts of Halloween cleared up and put away for another year, Bonfire Night is another fantastic opportunity to show your fancy dress capabilities. Where we tend to dress to scare on Halloween, Bonfire Night is more about just having fun – but also keeping warm!

If you’re going to a bonfire event, you’ll want to make sure you don’t freeze your toes off! We’ve our fingers crossed for a dry night, but it’s still likely to be fairly chilly!

Here are some ideas for costumes that will allow you to stay warm:

A Mummy!

You can wrap yourself up all warm and cosy, and then just wrap bandages (or toilet roll) around yourself on top. Warm and toasty all evening long!

A Pirate

Pirates sailed the seven seas in trousers, boots, pouffy white shirts (good for wearing layers underneath) and jackets! Perfect outfit for standing about for a bonfire event.

A Zombie

Everyone loves a zombie, right? The brilliant thing abou being a zombie is that a person might have wrapped up warm for an evening at a bonfire party, with gloves and everything – and then been bitten by a zombie and become one themselves!

A Doctor/Surgeon

Doctors tend to wear loose-fitting scrubs and/or a white coat – you can wear layers underneath to keep warm!

A Onesie

Ok, so a onesie is not technically a fancy dress costume – but most onesies are characters like a bear, a crocodile or a cow. If you have one in a larger size you can wear a layer or two underneath.

A Superhero

Superheroes tend to dress in skintight lycra outfits… but the thing about lycra is that it’s stretchy – so you can probably stretch it over a pair of tights and a thermal top!

If you’re dressing up for Bonfire Night events this week, don’t forget to share your photos on our Facebook page!



Happy Birthday Masking Tape! Comments Off on Happy Birthday Masking Tape!

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

Would you believe, today is masking tape’s 85th birthday? On this day in 1930 masking tape was patented for the first time.

5 great ideas for masking tape

In honour of this momentous occasion, here are five awesome things you can do with masking tape:

1. Mummy Costume

We couldn’t give you a list of anything without at least one fancy dress idea! This one’s not for the faint of heart – but definitely good for a giggle. Just make sure you have some scissors handy for when you want to un-mummify yourself!

2. Make a Race Track for Toy Cars

If you’ve got bedroom/living room floor space and some toy cars, all you need is a roll of masking tape and you’ve got some great entertainment for kids and adults alike. Lay out a track for the cars to drive around, and watch as everyone who enters the room drops to their knees to join the fun. If you’re facing a long, rainy afternoon at home you could have the tracks run over furniture, up curtains and all sorts. The world is your car track oyster!

3. Pretend it’s Washi Tape

Washi tape has become hugely popular lately. The brightly coloured patterns on the tape are great for decorating everything from exercise books to note books. If you’re a dab hand with a felt tip, you can make your own version of washi tape by colouring in your roll of masking tape. It’s cheaper, and it won’t mark the surfaces you stick it to!

4. Paint an Arty Design on the Wall

Use your masking tape to create the outline of a design or shape before painting your wall – then remove the masking tape and hey presto – a great picture! If you’re feeling super arty you can do multiple layers of paint so that your design comes out in different colours.

If you’re not in the mood for using actual, real-life paint, you could always buy some masking tape in a different colour and create a great faux mural like this:



5. Create a Sculpture

Artist Anna Gillespie has created some amazing sculptures using masking tape and resin. They look just like real humans in a wide range of poses… why not see if you can recreate these sculputres yourself? We’re betting it’s not as easy as Gillespie makes it look… but is probably a lot of fun in a Generation Game-type way!

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