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London Marathon Fancy Dress Ideas Comments Off on London Marathon Fancy Dress Ideas

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

london marathon fancy dress


As if running one of the most popular marathons in the world weren’t enough, lots of people opt to do it in fancy dress – something we applaud wholeheartedly. Not only is it commendable to run such a distance at all, but in fancy dress it is probably a little harder – and looks a lot better!

The trick with running such a long distance in fancy dress is to choose an outfit that’s not too bulky or heavy, and preferably as close to your normal running kit as possible… or at least something you can wear your normal running kit under. Here are our top picks:


The obvious choice, don’t you think? You might end up having to break a hole in the face to allow better air access, but being skintight, something like this shouldn’t hamper your running efforts too much – and if you choose a funny character one, should be quite amusing for spectators and other runners!


There’s just something about running around with a cape billowing out behind you, don’t you think? Again, a lot of superhero costumes are fairly tight so won’t get in your way – and if you wanted, you could wear just the cape with your normal running gear underneath.

A Marathon Runner

Durr, yes, we know if you’re running the London Marathon you’re already technically a marathon runner – but this costume is so easy to wear over existing running gear! Aside from the bright red heels, which you might find a little hard to run in, the rest of the outfit makes a pretty good marathon fancy dress costume!

A Zombie

Well, you know how we love zombies! Not necessarily the most practical of costumes, but we just love the idea of a sea of people running over London Bridge with a zombie or two running after their brains! The beauty of this costume is that you can do as much or as little as you want – full face of makeup, crazy outfit, or just some fake blood and effects over your existing running kit.

A Lego Man

Ok, hands up, this is probably the least practical marathon fancy dress outfit there is – but it’s the one most likely to get you chatting to one of the BBC reporters on your way round, if that’s your thing! You’re also likely to end up in several newspapers’ “great fancy dress outfits from the London Marathon” features the following day. If you want to get your (lego) face in the paper, this is the fancy dress costume for you!


If you’re running the London Marathon this year, good luck! Enjoy the incredible atmosphere of one of the most popular, prestigious races on Earth – an awesome day out, whether you’re in fancy dress or not!

James Bond Turns 60 – Let’s Celebrate in Style! Comments Off on James Bond Turns 60 – Let’s Celebrate in Style!

Posted on April 19, 2013 by admin

007 first appeared in Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale 60 years ago, and since then he’s become a British institution. With a license to kill, thrill and look fantastic in a suit, Bond is a legend of both literature and cinema.

It’s time to have a Bond party to celebrate the immortal gentleman. It’s the small details that count, so here’s your comprehensive guide to creating the best party to honor Bond’s Diamond year!


There’s nothing like a tuxedo to capture the Bond look, but they can be a little stuffy. Why not wear one with a twist of fun in the form of a tuxedo morph suit? Add a toy gun and you’re sure to get the ladies swooning…maybe.

Bond would be nothing without the Bond villains so Ladies, it’s time to get naughty and dress up as an evil Russian spy. Include fish nets and knee high boots for a Bond girl twist.


There can only be one – vodka martini, shaken not stirred. To create this Bond beverage, you’re going to need to pour 60 ml vodka and 15ml vermouth into a mixing glass and fill it with ice. Shake that bad boy and pour into a Martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon.



Every Bond film has a great theme tune, so you’re gonna need the stereo! Shirley Bassey is the Queen of theme tunes so her rendition of ‘Goldfinger’ is a must. Madonna, Adele, Jack White, Alicia Keyes and Tom Jones are all in the Bond theme hall of fame as well, so add these artists for a classy playlist.



Images: Casino Royale source

Martini source

‘Goldfinger’ source

Morphsuits: The Frequently Asked Questions Comments Off on Morphsuits: The Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on March 11, 2013 by admin



Donning a Morphsuit can really get you into party mode. Giving you full superhero-style anonymity, they’re great for really letting your inhibitions go at a party.

You’ve probably seen them round and you’re thinking about getting one yourself. So here are a few answers to those critical questions:

Is it difficult to actually see?

Nobody can see the whites of your eyes in a Morphsuit, but being able to see is pretty important, especially if you’re trying to negotiate a clear path to the bar.

So no, they’ve not been made to make sight difficult. You can see just fine.

Depending on the colour you choose, the world will be tinted a lovely shade of the rainbow.

What size do I have to be?

Because they’re so stretchy, you don’t need to worry too much about the size. As long as you get hold of the right height, the spandex will stretch over even the most seasoned of beer bellies.

Aren’t I going to be cold?

Not really. Spandex is great for keeping warmth in and the cold out. Make sure your underwear is close-fitting, though, because a crumpled pair of boxers can look a bit weird under the suit.

Wear what you like on top. Customise. Use your imagination.

Can I drink through it?

Yes you can. Don’t glug red wine through it; otherwise you’ll look like the Joker’s cousin. Beer and water should be fine, but just make sure you wash it after use.

How do I actually get in?

Simply step into the suit like a onesie and zip it all the way from the bottom of the back to the top of the head.

If you need to snack on something at any point, you can just unzip from the top of the head and roll down the spandex around your face. Be careful about revealing your true identity to your foes, though.

How do I…erm…

Use the bathroom? You’re going to have to unzip it all the way and roll it down. There’s no fly zip because, well, that would just look strange. It’s not as difficult as it sounds – really!

Does it have pockets?

Unfortunately not, but that’s the price you pay for being so seductively streamlined.

You can usually get hold of a bum bag the same colour as your suit, or just palm your stuff off onto a friend for the night.

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