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Mad Hatter Day

Tomorrow is Mad Hatter Day! Comments Off on Tomorrow is Mad Hatter Day!

Posted on October 05, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball



Tomorrow is Mad Hatter Day – so obviously, it’s the perfect excuse to hold a Mad Hatter’s tea party!

We’ve been searching the web for the best party props and suggestions for the maddest possible party…

First things first: all mad hatters need a hat! We love this tutorial for making a superb Mad Hatter’s hat with things you’re likely to have lying about the house.

Next, you’ll need to decorate your venue. This photo shows a brilliant table layout – complete with fake grass down the middle!  We also loved this brilliant blog post – it’s for a themed wedding, but there are lots of ideas there that could be used for a normal tea party!

For refreshments, check out this brilliant piece with loads of ideas. We love the chocolate dipped tea bags idea!

These printables would be a great addition – we especially love the photo booth props which are sure to be great fun. Just print the designs, stick them onto card so they’re more sturdy, and finish with a stick selotaped to the back to allow you to hold it up!


The day October 6th was chosen as Mad Hatter Day because in the original illustrations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter is seen wearing a hat with a slip of paper attached saying “in this style: 10/6” This means that we can actually celebrate Mad Hatter Day on two days: on the American calendar it is tomorrow, and then in the English calendar it will be on June 10th. How many other days do you know that actually have two celebration days, several months apart? Truly mad.

On Mad Hatter Day we celebrate all things mad and silly. If it’s bonkers and a bit daft, Mad Hatter Day is the day to do it. Why not have a go at writing some riddles or telling the most ludicrous story you can come up with?

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