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Back to the 60s: A Guide for Ladies Comments Off on Back to the 60s: A Guide for Ladies

Posted on July 20, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

Back to the 60s


We love 1960s themed parties; there are just so many fabulous costume options to choose from! Here are our five favourite 1960s fancy dress party outfits:

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn fancy dress




If there’s one thing that screams 1960s, it’s Audrey Hepburn in a black evening gown, long cigarette holder in hand and long gloves to boot. Everyone loves the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s and by arriving at your party as Holly Golightly you’ll ensure you’re instantly recognisable – and that you can get away with calling everyone Fred or dahling. Or both.






2. Swirly Hippie

60s hippie fancy dress



Think of the 60s, and we all think of hippies! We’ve loads of different hippie outfits available on the site, but this one is really swirly and floaty; we love it, maaann!






3. Operation


operation costume



The board game Operation was invented in 1964 by an American university professor. It continues to be amazingly popular to this day, and this costume is instantly recognisable as the well-loved game. Even better, there’s a male version of the costume too – so if you’re going with your partner, you can have matching his ‘n’ hers costumes!






4. Tie Dye Hippie

tie dye 60s hippie




Okay, we know we’ve already featured one hippie outfit, but there are just so many to choose from – and they’re all so different! Tie dye patterns are synonymous with the 1960s but the bright colours on this outfit are great for a party atmosphere too.






5. Swinging 60s Dress

swinging 60s dress




The swinging 60s were full of ladies wearing funky mini dresses in bright, block colours. This dress is perfect for that look, with the bright black and pink blocks and matching hat. Team it with some knee-high platform boots and OTT, thick, fake lashes for maximum effect!

Back to the 70s: A Guide for Ladies Comments Off on Back to the 70s: A Guide for Ladies

Posted on May 18, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

Back to the 70s- A Guide for Men


Last week we gave you a guide to men’s costumes for the 1970s, so we thought it only fair that we show you our top ideas for the ladies! Here are our five favourite costume ideas for 1970s fancy dress:

1. Abba Dancing Queen

Does anyone even know what the men from Abba looked like? But the ladies, now that was a different matter. We all remember them, with their iconic costumes to go with their amazing songs. Mamma Mia, this is definitely a great costume choice. Yes, we really did just say Mamma Mia in a sentence.

2. Hippie Chick

If there’s one thing the 1970s are known for, it’s hippies. If you put on something involving tie-dye, some round, tinted glasses and perhaps some bell bottoms, all you need to do is make a peace sign and say “maaaaan” a lot and there will be no doubt as to who you’ve come as!

3. Kiss

Ok, we know that technically there are no female members of Kiss – but why should the men have all the fun with the crazy black and white make up and the leather trousers? This one’s great for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd and be a bit… energetic at a party. Lots of jumping and shouting and air guitar solos!

4. Disco Diva

Disco was born in the 1970s, and boy, did it ever thrive! Everyone loves a good disco, so why not dress up as a disco diva and dance the night away! Practise your Donna Summer classics, it’s time to shine!

5. Flower Power

Flower Power is one of those things from the late 60s and early 70s that began with opposition to the Vietnam War. Lots of hippies used the slogan, but it spread into more mainstream society. People often dressed in flower-printed clothing and handed out flowers to the public. Why not get in on the act by wearing a flower power costume and handing flowers to your fellow party goers?

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